What Do You Call These Videos? (Whiteboard, Sketch, RSA, Scribe?)

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Hey Warriors,

I've been working with a friend of mine on a how-to product for these sketch/doodle/whiteboard videos, but I've heard 20 different names from 20 different people.

Can you look at this video and tell me what you call them?
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JMJ -Lance
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    it is whiteboard animation or video scribing or rsa animation...
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    Thanks MSC - I hadn't heard the term "RSA Animation" before!
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    Supposedly muscle advertisers used these because it was easier to relate to their more "out of shape" audience.

    Pictures of super ripped men just seemed out of reach to people. So cartoons were easier to digest, ha.
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    This is Whiteboard Videos, which is now considered as the most effective way of video marketing. In Whiteboard videos you can sketch everything clearly for your audience.
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    The software is called VIDEO SCRIBE software from SPARKOL.COM
    You can buy it with subscription either monthly or yearly.
    The price is about $160 for a yearly subscription.
    You can create any whiteboard animation without need of being a drawing artist by your self.
    I think I will buy it myself and start a service here. What a cool...?!

    And... ooh... I did. I bought it and start the service here.
    Check me on Warriors For Hire section. Cheers.

    Let's fight the economic drowning caused by crazy pandemic!
    . . . . . PM me now to talk about it. :-) . . . . .
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