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What type of payment processor do you use for your WSOs?

Do you just have a paypal button on your WSO page and then direct to a download page once they purchase?

How many people use e-junkie? Is it worth the $5 a month?
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    I use paypal and e-junkie.

    There is a coupon code that will get you e-junkie free for like 4 months...

    I'll see if I can find it for you.

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      Originally Posted by Jeremy Kelsall View Post

      coupon code: CRAFTBOOM

      That will get you 104 free days
      Originally Posted by Lewis Turner View Post

      E-junkie definatly... alot more secure.

      CRAFTBOOM use that coupon/discount code to get 104 days free subscriptino to their service

      Or failing that use this one instead....

      EASYE-JUNKIE use that coupon/discount code and you get 67 free subscription to their service

      Best of luck and hope your WSO rocks
      Lewis Turner

      edit: dam Jeremy you were too quick again
      Originally Posted by rogi2112 View Post

      I use only the paypal payment button and thereafter I send the visitors a download link manually or they are redirected to a page after making the payments.
      Thanks for the input guys
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