Warrior+ vs. e-Junkie vs. JVZoo... Buy Buttons?

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Which buy button would you feel most comfortable clicking? Which would you not buy through? As much can alter the conversions of a product such as the sales copy, images, and layout of the page, the buy button certainly should be something considered. After all, what's more important in driving sales than your buy button being clicked?




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    JV Zoo as it is the most attractive.

    WSO+ simply because I am used to seeing them.
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    Sounds like a no-go for e-Junkie, then. Perhaps a large part has to do with the fact that there's no price on it?
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    That JVZoo button just makes me want to click it. And I don't even know what the product is.
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    The best of the 3 in my opinion is the JV zoo button. I feel it to be more trustworthy.

    Having said that... if you're running a wso, wso+ might be the button to go as people are used to it and trust it.

    You could always use a button of your own and use ejunkie.

    Good luck.
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    I'm going to go with the Warrior+ button.

    Simply for the fact that I'm so use to associating that button with WSO's. I guess, as others have mentioned, it comes down to feeling comfortable and knowing your safe making the purchase.

    - Trevor


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      Ross, you can use any graphic you want with an e-Junkie link so you can make it look just as nice at the JVZoo link. You have to use the link, but you don't have to use their button to do it.
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    That's very true. It crossed my mind just minutes ago. I feel like most seasoned Warriors, when clicking a button they know well, expect a certain checkout process. And when that process isn't what's regularly associated with the button, they go... errr...
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    Graphic do all the talk
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    I like the warrior plus button. The design is subtle yet effective. Plus, it doesn't take away focus from the main content of the sales page.

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    The one thing that has caught my attention lately is that the WSO pro is now a lighter brighter shade of red than its orignal counterpart.

    I did wonder if this was to do with seperating visually to the eye the 2 types of buttons they now have but I think its that color on either.

    Me personally I use my own even with warrior plus just change out the image.
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