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Just in case you do not know me. . . My name is Andrew Harrison. Let me explain briefly, and if you qualify. . . Go ahead and PM ME.

Okay, about four years ago, I was hit with an eye disease. Very rare and not fun.

I have LOTS of experience with IM, sales, design etc. . . What I am looking for is ONE person, maybe TWO. Here is what I will do.

I will work with you to make your product sell. . . Teach you step-by-step, AND FOR FREE. You will receive several hours per week. Possibly 6-7. (Sorry I can't give much more than that)

We will communicate via Skype. All you need to do is ask questions and listen. If your site needs fixing, I'll do it. Need box covers? No problem, I'll show you how. I'll even teach you how to build a KILLER subliminal site.

To qualify:
1. MUSThave existing product.
2. MUST be disabled.
3. MUST not be making more than 800.00 per month with current product.
4. MUST be able to listen and absorb knowledge.

I DO NOT want anything in return. I just want to help someone. I know what it is like to be a little down. . . IT SUCKS.

Oh, and when my product launches... The person who I help... HEY, you will receive my FULL Subliminal Mind Control Package. . . This will totally empower you.

So go ahead. . . PM ME today.

Let me repeat. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR MONEY. I am simply offering my help.

See you soon.
Andrew Harrison.
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    Yeah...that's the perfect definition of 'Giving something back".
    Great going, Andrew.
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    I've assigned this a higher priority in my busy schedule of fixing existing errors. Now I can move forward faster with your wisdom.
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    i'm glad to see that there are people out there who "Pay it forward"
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    Wow! What a great cause, and I hope that whoever takes you up on your offer enjoys countless successes!

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    That's a really great cause and I hope there is some way we can help you too sometime in the future.
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    Andrew, well done. You know the adage, it takes one to know one. You have a warm feeling for others because of what you experienced and those who have never experienced hardship or a major disease have no idea. Hope others pick up on your lead.

    God bless

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      Originally Posted by Norma Holt View Post

      Andrew, well done. You know the adage, it takes one to know one. You have a warm feeling for others because of what you experienced and those who have never experienced hardship or a major disease have no idea. Hope others pick up on your lead.

      God bless

      You would not believe how I have been treated. I found it quite shocking. I always wonder. . . Does everyone with an issue like mine get treated like a piece of garbage? Some people think I am all the way blind and actually try to cheat me. . .(I always say, "I am not stupid." I can see, it is just harder some days, and I am on some brutal medication.

      I have always believed that one should overcome and conquer. If ANYONE wants me to show them how to do this, (I have done it many times in my life) I am more than willing to help them.

      People are asking for my help, as long as they are genuine and in need, they will receive it.

      P.S. One of my clients makes 300K per year... and that is from me teaching him. . . He went from 12,000 per year to 300K! It always shocks me . . .
      GET THE POWER, Take Control before YOUR COMPETITION DOES. (Site Contains Content Of A Graphic Nature) http://www.internetmarketinginsimpleterms.com
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    very good results there. It just proves how worthy a cuase it is!

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    Hi Andrew
    What a wonderful and generous thing to do! Its so touching to see people actually taking time to help those who need it without expecting anything in return. Although im not disabled per se (unless you count chronic Seasonal Affective Disorder or a Mild Learning Disability), i know what its like to have to work against major obstacles put up by the dysfunction of the mind and / or body - It can be very hellish for the affected.

    What you are doing here is very inspiring and uplifting . I commend you and wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

    Gaurav Duggal
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    Giving is great. Karma is a great thing, you'll be rewarded for your kindness! How wonderful it is -- that you are willing to help, educate a struggling warrior. The Warrior forum is great -- because of stuff like this!

    Kudos to you!

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Great idea it sounds lovely and if i needed any help right now i would be first inline and like you i have major eye issues and thats why i work online as i couldnt do much else and it gives me a great level of independence.

    Good work!
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    Andrew, this is a very generous offer. I hope you find a worthy student that is willing to work and truly gain from your generosity.

    It's often people that have the hardest battles to fight that are the first to offer others help. Thier own struggles give them the empathy and insight to see someone else's need.

    I hope your generosity comes back to you 10 fold!
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