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I am going to start a review site that but i don't have the products that i will be reviewing! Now thats unethical but I plan to buy those when I make some cash reviewing them.

My question is that how do I find content so that i can write a real review about a particular product!

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    what type of products will you be reviewing?

    if they're small products that cost a few bucks, i would go out and get them, but im assuming they're larger and cost a bit more.

    in that case, people write reviews online all the time, you might want to use some testimonials from forums or a blog. don't copy, but put it into your own words. you can also talk to people that have used that particular product to give you a better idea of their experience while using it.

    keep in mind that everyone's opinion is different so after purchasing and using the product yourself, you might or might not agree with the original review.
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    If you're reviewing Clickbank products (or other ebooks/courses) you can email the seller asking for a review copy. The worst that can happen is they would say no. Not a big deal, really.
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  • Some suggestions:

    WSO's are cheap enough and offer wicked value. Good place to start.

    You can also gather information online and use that for your reviews.

    I don't like recommending you buy products with the intention of asking for refunds, but this is something you might want to consider:

    With Clickbank I would buy the product, and ask for a refund. However, make sure you are actually going to promote the product if you do that. I don't think it is unethical to ask for a refund if you plan on promoting the product for them, as the marketer will benefit from your review, and the traffic your generate. Buying a product and asking for a refund is kind of a $hitty thing to do though - some people will happily provide your with a review copy if you ask.

    Some products you know are just awesome like:

    A hosting company for example

    So you can safely recommend products that are well known and used my most marketers.

    Also buy a product that you need. Then promote that. As a marketer you will have to invest in some products if you expect to build your business.

    PM Me Now!

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    why you have to start reviewing products only? Why don't you start reviewing other popular affiliate networks? like affpaying? its really a good idea to get attracted.
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