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Has anyone tried it? do recommend it for pepole like me who are new to IM?

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    I've used them I used to promote a breast enlargement products from them and did pretty well out of it they always paid me on time and they also paid me directly into my PayPal account which was very convenient for me when I first started out as you get the money straight away, rather than waiting for click bank cheques to clear.
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    I use more niche a lot, never had any problems with them and they always pay on time.
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    Yes MoreNiche is a very cool network and their support forum is good too..
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    I have tried their affiliate network and they are great, if you would like to promote mostly health products this is right affiliate network for you.
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      Agreed. Good network, pay on time, and good support. They also run contests from time to time to spice things up. Just make sure to look at the offer and make sure it will work for your customer base. They are a UK affiliate network so some of the offers are best for the UK market due to shipping etc.

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        Thank you all for the replies, I'm thinking moreniche would be perfect for my first step into IM and practice affiliate marketing, they have good reputation, great products, excellent support and training.

        Thank you again
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    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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    Really good network and super easy to get help from. Have made a decent amount of money using them and payment is on time too.

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