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6 weeks ago I made some changes (removed 5 categories and placed products in new others) to my site's category structure (product categories) and since have lost 1,500 hits a day. Any links to the old categories go to a main category page now so no 404 is shown.

I didn't 301 redirect the pages but presume I should have?

couple of questions:

1) Is it too late to 301 redirect and will doing it bring the traffic back?

2) Traffic was increasing by 500 hits a day but this has stopped. Any ideas why when just a few categories were deleted?

3) Is it possible that Google will return the traffic once it settles?

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    1. It's most likely too late but still - set up 301 redirects ASAP

    2. Perhaps a competitor has risen above you in the SERPS - too many factors involved to know

    3. Are you rank tracking? if your keywords are jumping about them its possible - but highly unlikely
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    Jeez that's a big hit to take man... As TM says throw on the redirect to try and stop the slide but it'll probably take a while to build your site back up to where it was.

    I know it's little use to you know but maybe this episode will spur you on to diversify your traffic sources so you're not so reliant on Big G...that's a risky game to play with your income.
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