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Hey people. I'm new to internet marketing and I really need some opinions from more experienced people. I currently get about 200 visitors per day, but still zero sales, I put up some banners and a few affiliate links inside the text, the site is pretty simple - well, it's my first time to create a website so, it is what it is. The next one will be better. Anyway, please leave some comments, thanks in advance...

p.s: the link to the website is in my signature
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    With a url like that I'm not surprised you get 200 visitors a day.

    As for why you are getting no sales - that's easy - you do not have a product that any red blooded female would want to buy.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    Hi Jack,

    First of all its a great name for a site. Shame you couldn't get the .com but nevermind.
    There are a couple of things that come to mind when I looked at it:
    The opening page seems quite boring - try and pep it up with graphics not necessarily raunchy ones (what comes to mind is a banana being peeled for example:-))
    I think you broke down the lessons very well but it would be more interesting if you could place pictures (animated ones rather then hard core) for your readers to view as well as a guide.
    Your blow by blow e-book has no text underneath it to draw the audience to it so write a caption below in big letters like: 'To really please your man and fulfill he's sexual fantasies then click here to find out more.' Or something similar to that.
    These are some that come to mind.

    Hope that helps.


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    What a niche Jack
    Is this also your favorite?

    Well, the problem is not in your domain this time since you're already getting quite good traffic everyday. Okay, the very first two thing to note:
    1) are the traffic targeted? If not, you'll need to learn how to drive targeted traffic but this will take volumes to explain
    2) are there demands? I'm not sure if you've tested the profitability of the niche before you enter and again this takes volumes to explain.

    But the very first error you made is how you link to the affiliate site. I couldn't find any other links other than the image book at the top left. Why don't you sprinkle in each of your article pages at least at the end of the article. Using important anchor inline links work better but don't over do it.

    Next, you have to rewrite your main page review. While the opening you use is targeting ladies, the very first sentence kill their mood!

    Learn how to please their man? Are you kidding me? Instead, try directing to their problems...
    and tell why this BJ thing you're about to expose will solve her problem / relationship problem etc.

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    "Your blow job instructor, Jack"

    Am I the only one who finds the line above hilarious????

    anyway, here is your BIGGEST mistake. ready?

    you have a little banner of the ebook cover on the top left hand corner but you make ZERO reference to it in the rest of your website. don't expect people to automatically click on it, especially if you don't even tell them to!

    my first impression of the ebook cover was that it was just a design to complement the website. no wonder you ain't getting any sales! you need to tell your viewers to actually buy the product.
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    Your site sucks.
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      Originally Posted by DavidO View Post

      Your site sucks.
      Funny very funny.
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    Ha your blow job instructor Jack,my wife has already had a good read.

    Watch me finally make money this year now I have a mentor follow my journey at

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      Originally Posted by marcus passey View Post

      Ha your blow job instructor Jack,my wife has already had a good read.

      I'm glad I helped
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    ok - I notice no sheilas have answered this...

    You wanna know why there are no sales?

    You're a man - it's not your fault - you think all women must be as consumed with your boy bits as you are - you're wrong!!

    "This website has one and only purpose - to teach you girls how to please your boyfriend, husband, or lover to the maximum."

    Listen up! We don't care how to please our SO - we care how our SO will please US!!

    Damn - I just let out one of our biggest 'secrets' LOL
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      20,000 searches a day - and over 65 MILLION competing pages.

      That should tell you something. Add in the .biz which is a negative.

      Only a man would think women would buy this

      Of course men would think it's hilarious - but they still laugh at farts, too, so what you gonna do?

      Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        Of course men would think it's hilarious - but they still laugh at farts, too, so what you gonna do?

        LOL!! That was funny

        Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    I would definitely suggest a graphical upgrade. You design is very bland and boring, if I was surfing through, i'd look at it and think to myself "not very professional looking, the product is probably the same" and keep going.

    The extension, like everyone else mentioned, needs to be changed to a .com/.net or even a .info would be better.

    Just my opinions
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    glad to see someones got a sene of humour
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      Well people... what can I say, at least someone laughed their ass off

      I guess most of you saw the site like a week ago, well I was editing the site almost every single day, trying to fix my bounce rate and average time on site. Yes, I know, .biz is bad, but whatever. I changed the banners, actually I moved them out, yes I know the site looks bad, but every time I changed the design, or colors etc. it damaged the stats...

      Whatever. Check it out again if you want. A few days ago I had 299 visitors... and, definitely targeted visitors. For example, 2 days ago... out of 200 visitors, average time on site was 14 minutes! and bounce rate was 11%

      I guess that's more then good. I know - design is bad, .biz is bad everything is bad... But obviously CONTENT is great which is the most important thing, I get some visitors, I fixed the links... 14 minutes is a lot.

      Any more ideas, everything is appreciated.

      p.s.: everything except sarcastic feminism and offended people...
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    I like I scared my wife when she saw me reading your site!

    You might want to try a white background where the main text area is. It will improve the readability.
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    I think you must change the color for your background, ie. white..
    Work From Home On Your Computer No Experience needed !!
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      I'm not sure about the color, every time I changed it to white or another color my bounce rate and Average time on site got worse. thanks for the ideas anyway
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        The entire layout in general needs to be revamped. It just looks ugly. How are you going to attract women to your site with all of those dark colors? I would probably spend about 10 seconds at your site and leave if I were looking for good information on fellatio. You need to lighten things up and make it fun. Remember your targeted demographic.

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    Your site resolution is way off, your must have wide screen flat panel because the site goes way off to the right for me I need to scroll to see your very visible click bank links. Try optimize to 1024x 768 it is the most popular screen resolution today. Unless you are experienced webmaster I would dump the HTML thing and go with a content management site like Joomla it's free and there are thousands of templates.
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      Nice Website.Good balanced from all view.
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    Love it, but I don't see a whole lot of women feeling the same way. Not enough romance. lol
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    LOL!! OUTSTANDING domain name... good site... but PLEASE get your name off that site, and turn into "Jackie" or something of the female persuasion...

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    Hi Jack,

    I guess you should address your readers in hello ladies and gentlemen because not all of your visitors are ladies. There are times that men do visit your website. Your website design is nice but one more important thing is you should have at least a logo or a picture of which you are promoting. In order to come up with huge sales and traffic to your website. The more content filled the more customers would love to visit and purchase any product that you are promoting.


    Hi! I am Reynald Laque Logan | Reynald Logan Dreams, 22 years old. Living in Dumaguete City “The City of Gentle People.” I am a pure Filipino Citizen. I am a Freelance Provider preferably working at oDesk.

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