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I'm wondering if its ok to use a different name and address in a new list in Aweber?

Obviously this would be fake but details will match with the avatar I'm using on my site. All opt-ins will be confirmed opt-ins so and no question of spamming from my side.

But I want to be sure I can use an avatar in Aweber or do I need to use the same as in my billing details?

Would appreciate help from experienced warriors.

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    I am not totally clear on how "fake" you are wanting to

    You can use an aweber account to power multiple sites and businesses. So yes, having multiple personalities is ok. The are usually called pens names when referring to sane people who have multiple personalities.

    However, I am not aware of a way to change the address that aweber automatically inserts in your emails just above the unsbuscrbe link. I think that has to be the address in your profile.

    You can however setup different signatures, snippets, from names, and from email addresses for each list.

    That stuff is all ok with them.
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    Thanks David.

    I intend to use the avatar/pen name I use on my site. I'm a guy but the site is in the weight loss niche and the avatar is female.

    BTW you can change the address in the Basic Settings > Basic Information. There is a small edit link next to the contact address and the address can be changed too.

    Anyways nothing illegal... just the usual affiliate site about a woman who has lost weight promoting the product she has used & benefited from.
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    Try to use a realistic image as your avatar. If you use one without any names or anything, then you will lose the trust factor. Its better to use your own picture as avatar in my opinion.
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