Promote one or several products at a time?

by exodor
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I am thinking of promoting Clickbank products and I was wondering:

Is it better to promote a single product at a time? means: one website for one product ?


Build a website that promote few products at a time? means: one website for several products ?
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    Generally, you focus on a particular niche and have a few related products to promote. I hate putting all my eggs in one basket, so if you're just promoting one product and that product shuts down, you're no longer going to get any income from that product you were promoting. On the other side of the coin, if you promote too many products, it can decrease your conversion too. You don't want to overwhelm your readers with too many options or too many products. So find 2 or 3 really good ones to focus on. You can also do product reviews or show feature comparisons between 2 or 3 products.

    I know there's lots of different opinions out there, so testing and seeing what works best for you is going to be your best answer to that question.

    ~ Rhonda White
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    Hi Exodor,

    I think that it is ok to promote several products but in ONE NICHE when you get started! I usually start off with one or two, depending on the quality of the product I want to promote of course! Choose carefully because you could be promoting a really good one and next to that could be a really bad one!

    Clickbank usually has plenty of choice so that shouldn't be a problem! When you promote sth on your own website, build a list right away! This way, you can promote a second or third related product to your list!

    You can always try with just one product first and see how it goes but generally speaking, people usually compare 2 products before buying so this can be a clue too!

    Avoid promoting tons of products though unless you have a large audience/ website!

    Hope this helps

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    If you are targeting a specific brand or product name then just one. If you have an entrepreneurial blog you can split things up a bit. Just add the ad squares widget if using wordpress and place the 125x125 banner ads in them.

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    I would role with multiple products at a time. If there was a way to get the customer name from the Clickbank affiliate sales that you generate, i would tell you to focus on one site - and establish yourself in that niche. But if you create your own product, stick with one main site, create backend products, put customers into your backend marketing funnel, and continue to sell to them.
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    I went full-time as an affiliate in my niche largely off of one product.

    I was aggressively promoting 3 products, but created a solid full-time income from one product.

    In my opinion...the more you mention that same "quality" product....the more likely you will eventually convert people. Plus you don't look like many other people in niches who promote the product of the week.

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    As long as they in the same niche, they will work as easy as they should
    but in my experience,, they'll be hard if you have a target traffic
    Just try a lot marketing strategies and you'll find your answer
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    You can definitely make money in a variety of niches...but if you are just starting out, I would suggest you stay in one niche, and possibly even focus on selling one product.

    Of course, you have to be realistic with your expectations, and monitor your conversion rates. Some products simply do not convert!

    One thing I would focus on is promoting residual income affiliate products, as this enables you to scale your monthly income much faster (that has been the case in my own affiliate business).

    I'd rather make a sale once & get paid for months/years to come, then only get paid once.
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    It is not my first time at it...(even though I never made money from affiliate marketing). I am thinking of creating one site and promoting ****load of products but only in one niche. Am I doing right or should I create the site and promote 2-3 products from the same niche, ? I will always stay within the same niche.
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      Originally Posted by exodor View Post

      I am thinking of creating one site and promoting ****load of products but only in one niche. Am I doing right or should I create the site and promote 2-3 products from the same niche, ?
      I'd try 2 - 3 products in the same niche, rather than boatloads of products, if I were you.

      But if you're trying to sell them primarily from your website, rather than opting people in, building lists and having an automated email sales funnel, it's probably not going to make too much difference, realistically: <---- this may help!

      Originally Posted by exodor View Post

      It is not my first time at it...(even though I never made money from affiliate marketing).
      Time for a different approach, perhaps?

      If you hadn't yet thought about this part yet, take a look through all the threads here with titles like "What Do You Wish You'd Done Differently At The Start?" and "How Would You Re-start Tomorrow?" and "What Do You Know Now That You Wish You'd Known Originally?" and so on. There are about 100 of them! All the Warriors who are making a living as affiliate marketers are wisely giving the same answer: "Start building lists on day 1". There are reasons for that. (One of which is that they all know that you can hardly make any money without doing that).

      Good luck!
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    the more specific you can be on 1 target the more likely you are to attract the right customer, no point in getting lots of traffic if it's not targeted right?
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    Promote one and make it your own so you get all the money and can have affiliates make you money.

    Then when you have a list of buyers send them quality offers to make more money.
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    2-3 products per niche is about right if you don't want to overload your visitors with too many choices and end up looking too salesy. But niche also go down unless they are evergreen ones, so be careful when selecting niches and make sure they have a lot of existing traffic. In the long term I would aim at running a few niches at the same time with 2-3 best top quality products in each, but to start with one niche is better.
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    Make it really targeted just for one product per website. Its easy to deliver message for only one product rather than promoting several.
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