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Hey Guys!

Ok, so here's my first attempt at a viral marketing video.

What does everyone think?

I used the "Take my breath away" song not only for humour, but to also convey a message about the immense amount of content within the membership area for such a crazy low price.

Is this what impression it gives to you?

Also, linking the coupon code to the song chorus helps the viewer to remember to use their discount.


Feedback is welcome

- James.
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    I like it recently did a youtube video myself, so trying to get in the video marketing area myself. The coupon code is a great idea, not sure I really like the song, but It is amusing.

    I would have your final screen showing your website at the beginning as well.

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    just a suggestion, wouldn't you think it's better if you were to use voice over rather than music?
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      Originally Posted by underdogaffiliate View Post

      just a suggestion, wouldn't you think it's better if you were to use voice over rather than music?
      It's meant to be funny, and therefore one of the factors in being viral.

      The music is symbolic of the product.

      ...But I guess you didn't get that, lol!

      I'm into death metal myself, but I couldn't put that in :p

      - James.
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    Word of warning: YouTube might remove this video b/c you're using a copyrighted song.

    My buddy had his viral pre-launch video taken down because it had Beethoven music in the background! I'm not sure exactly how that works but you might want to think about re-doing it with some royalty free music or possibly going with the voice over idea suggested above.

    I think you're on the right track though, video marketing is great & it's also a nice thing when you add the video to your sales page.

    Consider trying | In-Depth Tracking, Analytics for Online Video | Web Video Syndication to submit your video to many sites instantly (once you get setup) & for free. (It's like a free watered down version of Traffic Geyser).

    I made a cool viral video a few months back that is getting an alright amount of views...

    Check it out:

    Good luck with your launch.
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    Here's an awesome resource that dissects the different elements of creating a viral video:

    The Secret Strategies Behind Many "Viral" Videos

    Here's one of my favorite viral marketing videos:

    YouTube - Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage



    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    It's nice to see something that is funny! Love it! Although on a professional note, if you REALLY want to rake in the cash, I highly recommend outsourcing your video marketing to a pro

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