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I've got a couple of questions though: We know (I think) that in order to build a profitable, sustainable business you need to be able to consistently sell your products. This generally means having a list. I've just signed up with Email Aces (run by IM big wig Gary Abrose) and was wondering: on my blog (list building) would it make more sense to just link out to the affiliate page proper, or, since I've set it up, link to the review domain and squeeze page therein and from there lead them to the actual sales page?

My thought on the one hand is, I'm actually trying to make cash as fast as possible and on the other a list would be very good long term.

My other question is: If I have multiple blogs (promoting multiple products) would it be worth my time to look into auto blog posting and info gathering software?
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    A squeeze page is the way to go. Then create a relationship with your subscribers. RsstoBlog is good for automatic blog postings.
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    You need to set up a good sales funnel: a proven squeeze page, engaging content on your blog, an autoresponder, different products from the same niche and a plan to bring traffic to your site.
    If you have a budget you can outsource all that, but if you donĀ“t have money to invest I recommend to you to check this new platform that you can access for free and start in less than 30 minutes with a done for you sales funnel, 100% free, check the link in my signature to know more about this system. No risk, is completely free.
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      NanoTrip.. Blatant self promotion and affiliate link in sig. Both not allowed here BTW!

      cypherslock... Sending traffic directly to an affiliate sales page is almost always a waste. Collect the emails with a squeeze page and then use that list you build to email to multiple affiliate products.
      That will always be the most profitable way to do it. Especially if you are paying for traffic (and trust me, one way or another you are!)
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    Agree with Tony. It would be better to collect your leads through your lead capture page first. Statistics have shown that people mostly do not purchase at the first instance, unless you have already built a very strong relationship with them and they trust your recommendation completely.

    For your solo advertising needs, click here.

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    1- Give away a gift via opt-in page

    2 - Oto(One time Offer) with a real promotion cheap

    3- oto2 ... oto3 optional

    4- Follow-Up E-mail something precious and Free

    5 -occasionally advertising campaigns


    usually this is the best recipe.......
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