My first sale. I'm over the moon.

by zonkow
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I have been trying to make money from Amazon since March. Everything was going well until my site was very badly smashed by the Penguin update. My site completely disappeared on the SERPs.
I made another website. I completely forgot the old one and focused on the new one.
However, when I checked my stats yesterday,I realized that my old site came back mysteriously, even to a better position.
The same day I made two sales and got $13.50 commission. The second sale is a T-shirt which has nothing to do with my niche.

I'm very happy...

Thanks to all warriors who have borne to answer all of my tiresome questions for months
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    Congrats buddy. More sales are on the way. Google changes to its system is a big headache to seo guys
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      Congrats on your first sale. Nice attitude you had there when your first site got hit by Penguin. Keep on moving..that the spirit.

      Now..all you have to do is replicate and scale up the method that you use to make that first sale.
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    Congrats on the sale! So, after all, there is life after the Penguin!
    You said you did nothing to the ald website and it just recovered by itself?

    The best things in life aren't things

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      Originally Posted by tanshi View Post

      Congrats on the sale! So, after all, there is life after the Penguin!
      You said you did nothing to the ald website and it just recovered by itself?
      I did nothing to recover my site. Actually, I was very hopeless about it.
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    That's the best part about Amazon. At times people go there looking for something and end up buying something else that attracted them on Amazon.

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    Congrats on your success. I wish you more of success every day.
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    It's the most exiting thing in the World when you make your first online sale

    Like passing your driving test and going it without a passenger .. same sense of freedom !!
    Congrats on the sales and hope that this is only the beginning


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    Congratulations on your first sale! As people like to say on this forum 'rinse and repeat'
    Don't forget that the commissions will increase as you sell more products so Go For It!

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    Congrats! I know how you feel, keep that fire alive!
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    Ride on...Congratulations.

    Keep working!
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    Congrats on your success..pretty awesome feeling to say.."yeah I just made some income off the internet", here's to meeting your success!
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    Well done Yalcin,

    it's a great feeling when you make your first sale! I had a similar experience with one of my Amazon sites it made a sale in the first 10 days on a product that cost $420, I couldn't believe it, I thought it would take months to get found.
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    My first sale. I'm over the moon.
    Well, you need to come back. This is NO time to take a vacation.

    Enjoy it - and go get some more!

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    Congrats on your first sale!

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    Very well done! Now for the replication of success. Keep showing up day after day doing what you do and the success will keep coming.
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    Congrats Yalcin! Motivation for me.
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    You never forget your first time - mine was a sale on Lavalife personals over 10 years ago - a $15 dollar commission

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    A big congrats on your first sale !
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    im late! congrats to you my friend! I know that feeling! I bet that was the best $13.50 you ever got! youll never forget it! use that as motivation man! lots of people quit within 6 months, possibly sooner. Lots of people I know on the forum who made it say that it was that 1st $2 or $50 that kept them going! You know what motivated me? I kept video blogs of my progress on my cell phone, I would on my spare time like record myself saying how my project is going etc. And it really helped I recorded when I got scammed by buying fake traffic, from last year all the way up to now, about to have a site rank number one for a good volume keyword organicly. Thats an achivement in my book as most ppl would of quite after they felt scammed. Remember , you will fail many times my friend from here on out still. LOOOOOVE failure. Because when you learn from it you will Propose and Marry for the rewards after!!!!! Also I learned to not beat yourself up man. Lets say you had to write an article and you only wrote few sentences. After 1 hr has passed take a break or continue the next day. At least you did SOME work. Do micro successes, which will remove analysis paralisis syndrom. Now I get more work done in 1 hour then if I spent 7 hours a day lol. That overwelming feeling is gone! next site you work on. if you get tired and want to rest, just do that! and Feel good for what you done today. If you do that you wont feel like your doing bad and your levels of certainty will get stronger. Thats how we get things done! Certainty! so congrats and continue to be certain with yourself and your work!

    oh and my 1st sale was $53 dollors (yep I recorded on phone too!) from the lotto program from click bank. I laughed that someone actually bought it. Thats when I thought if theres a need something focus on getting it to them= $ Just be legit!
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    Well done ...time to work harder now!
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    Congrats! If you can get one you can get 100
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    Good job on getting your first sale. Now go out there and be a marketing rebel, and get more sales.
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      Great Buddy, congrats, now you know that your site converts, so it is all a matter of traffic...

      Just the moon made of cheese? NASA never answered that one...:confused:
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