I Finally Realized Why I Not Making Any Money Online

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I've been searching for an affiliate product to promote and I've bought several WSO's lately that promise the moon...

No offense guys, but most of the Clickbank products in the niches that I'm interested in are pure crap! And I won't even comment on some of the WSO's I've bought...

Prices are high and quality is low... people in the REAL world are not going to pay $27,47,97 dollars for 15 pages of drivel that regurgitate the same old sh*t. I did spend $37 on Allen's Warrior Room and I haven't regretted that because there are some really good posts in there that anyone can use.

I've actually got a lot more information from the free ebooks part of this forum and the posts themselves than I have from any product I've bought. There was actually a guy that had a WSO for $5 that helped me more than all the others I've bought, and if he dressed it up a bit it would be well worth a great deal more.

In my offline business, if I didn't deliver the goods, I didn't get repeat customers. Simple concept.

Anyway, My drunken rant is over...I'm going to bite the bullet and learn joomla and establish a local portal to benefit my community. I've bought the domain name and now all I need to do is find a really good joomla tutorial!

I guess the point I'm trying to make is this, deliver more than the customer expects and give them some content that they can use...If you're selling something as a WSO at the warrior forum, don't make the first 13 pages of your 26 page ebook about how to find a host and buy domain names, they already know that! Beginners (like me) don't have a lot to spend, don't charge them for fluff, I've got a lot more time than I do money and I don't need a whole chapter pointing me toward your hosting affiliate.

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    Hey Stephen,

    Even though this post is mainly a rant I think you bring up some good points.

    If you are going to sell a product it must be a QUALITY product.

    Like you most of us have purchased a lot of different products that promise this, that and the other thing but rarely deliver.

    The ones that do are the ones that stand out and actually OVER-deliver.

    I think it is a very good lesson to anyone who is selling a product online, make sure your quality is exceptional and you leave your customer feeling completely satisified and feeling like they have gotten a bargain instead of the other way around.

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      I know what you mean. Since I have joined this forum I have bought several WSOs. They were nice and the people were nice, but some of them just weren't what I was expecting. I have read some free ebooks that were really detailed and helpful. I agree that if you are going to promote something it should be good quality...and if you are going to make and sell your own product you should make it very high quality! Nice quality and a fair price will help you to get more sales then an expensive garbage product.
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        I totally understand what you are saying. As far as joomla You should check out the WSO by Lloyd lopes. do a search on his name. He is an excellent when it comes to setting up joomla.
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          you wont belive how many ebooks i saw that have 6+ pages just in the "Introduction" chapter...i mean why would you need that much? i think its stupid...i always appreciated books that have a 2-3 page intro, then a 2-3 page description of the product and then get in to the real deal...instead of making 10-12 pages or more where you just explain why your program is so good, why this, how that etc...
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            The best e-book about making money online which I read was a free e-book and I can say that I bought over 10 e-books.
            Why do I think it is the best?
            Because it was pure value for that money.

            Regards...Michael T.

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              I like hardbacks over ebooks!

              For the price and value you
              get it's hard to go wrong.

              I've gotten solid information
              over and over from books I
              bought from Amazon more
              times than I ever lucked up
              in an ebook!

              I like to refer back to
              information and for me it's
              much easier to reach over &
              pick up the book I need from
              my library than to dig through
              my hard drive.

              Very few ebooks I have even
              wanted to print out & bind up.
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                I feel ya. I have bought some stuff that wasn't worth my money spent too! I also have learned a great deal from free information available online.

                If you are looking for tutorials on Joomla, looks like a search on Google will lead you to many tutorials. I have only heard of Joomla and haven't tried it out yet.

                Mommy Enterprises
                Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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    Stephen, you've made almost 300 posts on this forum that would take you something like 20 hours or so not including the time you browse the forum.
    It's great to be at WF and find some good stuff here, BUT it takes a lot of your time too. And of course you could spend the time at least writing articles for $10 a piece or doing something that actually makes you money.
    No offence, WF is great and everything, but you should concentrate ALL your energy on ONE item in your checklist (you need that by the way) and the results will come much faster.
    I used to spend my time writing some stuff for my projects and browsing forums at the same time, but I realised it takes your focus off the target...


    P.S taking action is more important than knowing every tiny detail of what you are doing
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      Hi Stephen

      You could try getting some PLR books in your niche, edit them and make them your own 'quality' products.

      One point I'd like to make about what you said about WSOs and 'fluff'. What is 'fluff' to you is not 'fluff' to a total newbie. Not everyone knows how to get a host or buy a domain name, to use your example. You know how to do these things so it's easy for you. To a total newbie they need to learn these things, like do they het a .org, .uk., .com or whatever. Where's the best place to get them etc. etc.

      Look at the 'fluff' as if you are a total newbie who knows absloutely nothing about the subject. At least by selling WSOs with all that in them they cater to everybody's needs.

      Rant over :-)

      Best wishes

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      If you haven't done so already, join us over at the Local BizBuilders forum if you're considering entering the local portal arena.

      This is specific to local businesses, there are 500 members and a wealth of great info specifically for this audience.

      The link is: http://www.LocalBizBuilders.com

      Patty Gale
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