How Do You Sell A High Ticket Item?

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Hey Warriors, I have searched all of the Internet and although there is some sort of information out there its not complete. My question is how do you sell a high ticket item in the range from $497 to $1997.

Some of things I have learnt is:

- You need to provide more value
- You need to provide a bolder guarantee
- Your stuff needs to provide results to the end user
- You need to offer more access to yourself via skype or webinars or Q and A sessions
- You need to offer more proof
- You need to package up your product differently than the current eBook or video into something like a 4 week e-class or 8 week coaching program

That's what I have come up with so far is there anything else you guys suggest? This questions is specifically for the warriors that have sold products in the price range of $497 to $1997

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    I think finding a source of targeted traffic is going to be paramount.

    Yes the offer is seriously important but IMHO you'll always struggle turning people accustomed to buying $10 products into $497 courses and coaching regardless how good a deal or what the guarantee might be.

    Although I'd like to be wrong
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    Originally Posted by billyd786 View Post

    is there anything else you guys suggest?
    It's very much easier to sell a $497 product to someone who's already bought a $197 product through/from you.

    And very much easier to sell them a $197 product when they've previously bought a $67 product.

    A varied product-range at differing, escalating, prices, all of which provide excellent value, is my suggestion ...

    (Some of us feel that this is one of the many advantages of being an affiliate, rather than a vendor, because it's much easier to select/assemble suitable and flexible product-ranges, this way, without needing to create/provide them all!).
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    Yeah I think once you know that someone is a buyer, it is much easier to sell them a higher priced item further down the line.

    You can set up sales funnels that allow you to move a buyer from one sales funnel to another once they have bought a product so that they can then be given further quality information via your autoresponder.

    Then after building that trust once again, you can have a product of much higher value in place at the "back-end" of this new sequence so that you can offer this to your "Buyer Prospect"!

    It is all very simple to set up once you have done a few times and can be pretty much 99% automated once you have set everything up.

    Hope this has helped.
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    You will generally have higher conversion rates/profits if you take your customers trough a sales funnel of differently priced products that lead up to the "big one".

    Like Alexa said, somebody that spent $200 on your products will be more likely to buy your $500 one, than just offering the $500 right off the bat.

    There are products tho that sell as high as $1000 or more on first contact, but those products are usually in certain niches and are more towards some sort of training, one example I saw was a Full accounting course/training with model tests and pretty much all you need to become a CPA or w/e its called.

    One thing that can raise your conversions is making the high priced product a physical box, many people still prefer a tangible product over internet hosted video.
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    Yeah, the easiest way is to promote the high ticket product to our previous customers.

    I find most marketers use free webinar to attract attention. They give the intro on how to be successful in ___ and then they try to promote high ticket product at the end.

    Pretty good way. I think more 10% people attend the webinar go with the offer.
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    its all about stages and how deep your funnel goes

    if you only sell a product at say $5 then this a great way to find out the ones who have the "ability to pay"

    once you know this you can then focus on moving them further into your funnel

    the next product if you have one could be around $17- $27

    then if they purchase that if could be a $47 - $97

    then if they puchase that it could be a $197+ product

    it`s no good trying to sell a $197 product to someone that has proven to only buy a $5 product off you

    they maybe a buyer but how serious of a buyer you don`t know yet

    if someone is willing to spend $97 on a product then there is a much higher chance them buying a $297+ product off of you

    it`s all about the funnel and segmenting your lists

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    First of all, let me show that I'm somewhat qualified on
    the topic since it's one of the things that I teach here:
    New Page 1

    Don't buy that product by the least not yet. If
    you want my interview on the topic, just send me a PM :-)

    When talking about products priced at $497 - $1997, my
    favorite way to sell them is on a webinar where they are
    provided with overwhelming social proof that the product

    I routinely sell products in the $497 - $25,000 price
    range incidentally. In the higher price range, I actually
    DON'T start by selling them a lower priced product.

    Instead I do a 100% risk-reversal. If you can deliver on
    the promise, and the value is there, people don't really
    care about the price. They care about return-on-investment.

    You just have to make it a tremendous VALUE. I actually
    make a point of never competing on price but instead
    compete on value... by showing that there is no competition.

    At higher price-points, it's not an event in the sense of
    your typical product launch sequencing. Instead, it's a
    process of them getting to know you, like and trust you,
    and become convinced that they can deliver.

    Most of the $10,000+ sales that I've made this year were
    actually made with either a Skype chat or a short phone
    call, where I actually often encouraged the prospect to
    take their time in deciding.

    I've also made $12,000 sales with just a brief email, but
    the email was the end of the process where I sometimes
    just sent a payment link and shut up :-)


    Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
    Click To Go BIG!

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    The biggest difference between a $9.97 product and a $997 product is the guy buying it.
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      Aren't high ticket items sold best by email?
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    Thanks Guys so much for taking the time out of your busy days and replying to my thread really appreciate it.

    I am looking to sell a product through an automated webinar like willie said it does have the element of social proof.

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