Is Amazon the best way

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Is Amazon the best way to make new money in 2012?
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    No, not really. They only offer check or amazon gift cards payment. And I think direct deposit to a checking account. I still prefer eBay to make money. You can have instant access to your money.
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      It depends on what you are trying to do.

      If you are a writer and want to sell some books and e-books without a publisher then its a great place to start.

      Physical Products:
      If you sell physical products, its a great platform to sell, as you don't have to worry about traffic. You do have to figure out how to get your products featured at the top of search results in Amazon...that just takes time and constant adjustments.

      Affiliate Marketing:
      If you are an affiliate, and marketing Amazon products from your blog, website, social media page, etc... then its a reliable company to do business with.

      What method are you looking to try?
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    The BEST way is usually what tallies with your capability and also working for you.

    Amazon might be the best for most of us here and it might not work out for you if you aren't going about it the right way.
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    Originally Posted by reggiebr View Post

    Is Amazon the best way to make new money in 2012?
    I won't say that it is the best way..but to me, it's the easiest affiliate marketing for a newbie to start making money with.
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    Originally Posted by reggiebr View Post

    Is Amazon the best way to make new money in 2012?
    hey Reggie

    It really depends where you are, are you a beginner ? if so it might be the easiest way to get started and get your foot into the IM door, if you already have some skills offering a service such as Article writing or SEO or building websites will provide a faster income but Amazon is a very good option to get started.

    There are many here on WF including myself who do very well with Amazon but it is not going to happen overnight it takes consistent effort and focus to build a nice income but once you do that it will come in month after month.

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    There is no "best way". The best way to make money online is whatever works for you. I do very well as an Amazon affiliate (as does Gaz above). However, I have an understanding of several profitable niches that lend themselves well to Amazon products.

    You may be a better writer than me so offering article writing services my be "best" for you.

    Folks....Stop doing things backwards.

    Don't come on the forums looking for money making ideas. Instead, come to the forums with an idea you are interested in and ask for advice on how to implement it.
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      Originally Posted by wolfmmiii View Post

      Instead, come to the forums with an idea you are interested in and ask for advice on how to implement it.
      Yes, everybody could tell you that the best is Amazon/ CPA/ Adsense/ Clickbank. Every people are different. Like me, I prefer to become affiliates for digital products rather than Amazon products, because the commission is higher. But, other people will tell the opposite.

      The best way is make money doing what you love. And if you have found what you want to do, come back here, and ask how to make money from it. You will get more.
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    No sir, having your own product/ service is king and always will be imo.
    Originally Posted by reggiebr View Post

    Is Amazon the best way to make new money in 2012?
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    The best way for one person doesn't mean it will be the same for another. IMO Amazon is one of the "best ways" out there but if I were to choose one that would be selling my own products or offering services.
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    Only you can make that determination if it is best for you.....

    Fortunately, there are some excellent Amazon threads on here where you can digest and implement blueprints that have worked for others.....

    Start with the 5-star threads on here to see if any look interesting to you!

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    How much money do you want to make? If you just want to make "more money", then walk around your neighborhood and pick up the loose change on the sidewalk.

    You can make money on Amazon, but your earned percentage is less than 10%. It's going to take a lot of effort to make even a tolerable amount of money.

    Instead, why don't you create a product (ebook), price it at $47, and have affiliates sell it for you? Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of work involved, but in comparing cost vs. effort- you're better off with your own product.
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    just keep in mind that SEO takes a few months to see results so if you're easily discouraged, this may not be the best route for you.

    Paid traffic makes you know what's working from whats not very quickly...
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    The great thing about the Internet is that there is a thousand and one potential ways to make money online. I made my first money online as an Amazon affiliate following Gaz Coopers training. The main thing is whatever method you chose, stick at it and learn as much as you can in that field.
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    I used to ask this question and spent quite a bit of money trying to find it. At this moment, I don't believe there's a "best" way. The different ways of making money online can all work; you will always find someone that will tell you, "Yeah, this works."

    The key is to find one way that appeals to you and stick with that method. Learn it well. Keep working at it.

    Don't be distracted by the next "holy grail". This is the biggest mistake that I've made.

    Focus... focus... focus...
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    It's really up to you my friend - your best way may not be the same for everybody - as you notice so many different answers.

    For me Amazon certainly is the easiest way for me to make money, but when it comes to the best way I think list building might be the most powerful. I may lose my Amazon account one day, but I will always keep my list. Just my opinion.
    How Can I help...
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    All depends on what you want to do, however, amazon,ebay etc are great
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    amazon is a great start to making some money and commissions, thats where i started along with adsense

    if you really want to create a long term income and a stable income then start building a list, its the one way to make sure no google updates effect you

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