I keep losing My Google Adesne Accounts?

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This has been my third ad-sense account that has been disabled and I have no idea why. Google has the worst support team ever, so I can not contact them. I only put ads on my blogs that only get free organic traffic. Is there a good alternative to Google Adsense for CPA. Has anybody else been through my experience. Square if google adense has face, I would attempt to shoot it !!!
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    I haven't looked into any of the sites on the list, It's just the first thread that popped up when I searched.

    Do a quick search for "adsense alternatives" (or hop over to the ad networks section) and you should find plenty of information.

    Hope this helps,

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    Two things:

    1. If you show the url it may be possible to discern why
    2. You would do better to post this in the Adsense forum

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    Google only allows 1 adsense account per person. I am sure they are able to track that your accounts are related
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    Recently, there's a new WSO that talked about Adsense banned. Maybe you could learn from it...

    For an alternative for Adsense, Clicksor & Adbrite will be the best option. I've seen a lot of internet marketers use both of these in addition of Adsense.

    Another alternative is BuySellAds. With BSA, you could sell your adspace easily. It's a direct media buying, so you would be paid monthly not per clicks.
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    Humm strange. I had AdSense for an year now and never had any problem.
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    Been there and done that buddy! Welcome to the evil world of Google! You can get google love, but you have to know the deep deep secrets.
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    you may not have a Privacy Policy page.
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    Are you saying that you have opened separate Adsense accounts for each blog??

    I find your message a bit confusing. If you clarify what you have said maybe we all will be able to help you further.

    Let us know

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      I use to have just one, for my YouTube videos but it was closed for someone over clicking on an ad. I contacted Google about it and never got a reply back. So I made another account for blogs this time, then it got closed. At the time I didn't know using TE sites to get traffic to your site was against Google's term and conditions. I didn't attempt to appeal that time, I just made another account. Now that account is closed, so I sent in the appeal form because I really do not want to make another account.
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