Payment processors that accept paypal?

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Hey all,

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've been using clickbank for my current payment processor for my own product, but I want to make a switch. Why? Because I think clickbank is having serious issues even on the vendor side of things, and there's just something too fishy going on with them.

I was going to move over to 2checkout as they also accept paypal, however my financial related site is against their rules....and it seems just about every other site in existence is against their terms too.

It's very important that I accept paypal, but I don't want to use paypal right up because it always shows a slight drop in conversions for me.

I can't think of any other payment processors that would fit the bill....

Does anyone else know of any?

Thanks to all in advance!
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    Try Nanacast

    You may use your own Paypal, and 2checkout to process orders using our automation system

    We are also a lot less expensive than Clickbank. Clickbank charges you 7.5% plus $1 on every transaction and for recurring transactions they chage you 9%.

    If you use clickbank to sell just 20 $100 products a month you are paying them a minimum of $180 a month.

    For better features, more feautres ,more accurate tracking, and processing direct to your accounts we only charge a flat monthly fee.

    Our system is also cheaper to use than PayDotCom as they charge 10% per transaction on products priced up to $30 and then a flat $3 per transaction above $30.

    At just 100 $30+ product sales you are paying $300 a month which is more than 3x what we charge.

    I think many times people just do not realize how much they are really paying these services and they don't get a fraction of the features they could get at a lower cost :-)
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    I'll check it out! Thanks for that tip! Ejunkie looks rather interesting as well.

    Anyone else have any more?
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    I just came across what about that?
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    You can try
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      Originally Posted by jrianto View Post

      I just came across what about that?
      I'll check them out right now! Thanks!

      Originally Posted by delac23 View Post

      You can try
      Can't use them unfortunately. I would love to, but they have tight rules and restrict anything in the financial markets. They actually seem to restrict just about any market and niche actually. Really ticked me off too...they would have been perfect!
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    By the way...THAT's NOT an affiliate link of any kind! Just came up that way lol
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