What's Stopping You From Making Money?

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For anyone not making money online yet or not making the money they want,

What's stopping you?

Do you not know where to begin? Or have you not applied what you know?

I asked myself these questions awhile back and the answer I got was "man...what am I doing? I know this stuff. Why do I keep constantly searching for more solutions when I should just be applying what I know"

This sort of reflection helped me out. But yeah please share, what's really stopping you this very moment?

If you were to picture in your mind from Start To Finish how you're going to make money this month, where's the part that you get stuck?
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    They tend to get stuck reading and answering threads like these . Why? Because you're inviting them to talk about and try to self-rationalize why they haven't gotten started. Instead of being therapeutic, they just keep spinning the same wheels.
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    What's stopping you?
    I think it's because people suck with this question: "How?"
    How to make money online?
    How to make money from CPA?
    How to get the traffic?

    Instead of just do something, people are too busy to answer each of the questions, read new courses to anser the questions, and forget to take action.
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      Many people want to make money online but very few stay focused and run after shiny objects which gets them nowhere. You need to treat online business like any other business. You have to work hard, stay focused and success will follow.
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        It's because they're afraid of their future and therefore of not succeeding. That's the reason why they keep jumping from one shiny thing to another. I mean have you ever noticed how salesletters of successful products create a "fear" situation that the potential customer can agree with (because the fear of the future is there already, so as a seller you only have to play it right). The next step is naming the benefits of that product a.k.a. the "cure" to their problem or how I like to call it, it's a reduction of that fear and uncertainty that has now taken over the conscious mind of a potential customer.

        (I know it sounds a bit messy what I explained above but I simply don't have the time to differentiate that more or explain it better atm, maybe when I have a little more time at my hands)

        So what you really need to do in order to succeed as a marketer is all outlined above: Don't get scared so easily and scare the **** out of others!
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    lack of focus.

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    Please do you have any answer to provide for your own qustion... mostly for people who really dont know where to start i happen to fall in that class. but please am sick of all this ppc affilate thing i read everywhere i observe they dont bring good money. how can one make a really good money from online?
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      Originally Posted by carrer experts View Post

      Please do you have any answer to provide for your own qustion... mostly for people who really dont know where to start i happen to fall in that class. but please am sick of all this ppc affilate thing i read everywhere i observe they dont bring good money. how can one make a really good money from online?
      Yeah I do. Basically making money online comes down to:

      Traffic + Conversions = $$$

      There are countless methods and courses that teach you all sorts of traffic techniques like PPC, Youtube, Newsletter Ads, Banner Ads, Forum Posting, Blogging, SEO, etc.

      Pick one, stick with it and learn it well. Then repeat the process with another traffic technique.


      The other part of the equation is conversions. Technically speaking if all you did was drive huge amounts of traffic to a high converting offer then you can make money this way.

      HOWEVER, marketing stats tell us that a prospect needs to see an offer an average of 7-12 before buying it.

      So if you were to drive your traffic straight to an offer's sales page that would only give your traffic one view of your offer.

      But we want 7-12 views remember? So what should you do?

      You should drive people to a squeeze page instead so you can capture their information. That way you can followup on them and continue reminding them/selling them on the offer.

      So the overall process is:

      Traffic >> Squeeze Page >> Offer Sales Page

      Then have followup emails that explain the benefits of your offer in more detail and point them back to your offer sales page.
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    Thanks guys...
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    Me personally I had to stop thinking so much and just do it.
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    My biggest issue is fear, I'm great when it comes to finding prospects offline (I do web design, seo, adsense, ect.) but I worry it won't translate well here online. I've been sitting on my hands since June of 2011 wanting to post my services here on WF but second guess myself! I guess there's no time like the present and I should just take the dive hahaha or maybe I'll be saying the same thing next year!
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    Lack of caffeine.
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      What's Stopping You From Making Money?

      Lack of available start-up cash and organising my time to get things done.

      The second one is the main reason that's holding me back though!!!
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    Well for me its my Job....

    When I get back my all energies are wasted, so if an idea came in mind it gets vanished till the time I am home...

    So sad
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    For me it's definitely trying to do too much. I am making money but nowhere near what I could be. I have a 2 year old, another one on the way, a full time job and I am studying for a qualification I'm not sure I really want. Really want to go for it...........the pressures of daily family life.....

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    My method of not making money is to not find a starving crowd, not find out what they want, and not sell it to them - it's working out quite well as I'm still as poor as when I started

    Paul Turner

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    The thing that stops most newbies is when they get a sale for $20, but they had to spend $20 to get it.

    They dont understand that they got a free customer and that they didn't lose any money.

    They dont understand that this 1 customer could be worth thousands of dollars during the lifetime of their relationship. So... they just quit and go back to working at McDonalds.
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    Sometimes people get stuck because of fear & low confidence.
    Maybe they have bought a product & are supposed to follow through
    the course. But most won't and will make a thousand & 1 excuses.
    This may sound cliche but, most want a painless way to profit online & are afraid
    to fail first...
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    I've been dealing with this question for over 16 years now,
    and still don't have a real answer.

    Many people who strike me as more intelligent than I am,
    and who have more knowledge than I do, often never really
    get going.

    I've often done consulting or coaching sessions with them
    where I've offered solutions, and pointed out resources and
    they know how to do things so well that they often finish
    my sentences, and quote the people that I learned from.

    With those people in particular it's simply "failure to implement."
    They do often start but they often don't fully implement what
    that already know works

    I still haven't figured that one out!


    Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
    Click To Go BIG!

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    For me, its not a question of what is stopping me from making money, its what is stopping me from hitting that next level?

    I make enough to cover a couple of bills. Usually I pay my car payment with my online revenue, and then inject the rest back into my business. Most, if not all of my monthly income is garnered through affiliate marketing (both in mainstream and adult niches).

    My only conclusion is that I'm lazy. I am the reason I haven't taken it to the next level. It's like you reach this point where you are thrilled with the money you are making, you are more thrilled with the concept of not having a regular job--yet you just sit their--staring at the glass ceiling. Why? Because you are lazy.

    So there you have it. There are so many avenues to generate an online income, some of which don't cost a damn dime--yet here we find ourselves asking why we can't make any money, or in my case, why I just can't get "over the hump!" and make even more money.

    Oh that's right. I'm lazy!

    Solve your laziness problem, and you'll solve the "I make no money online" problem.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Hey guys,

    Interesting thread.

    I think a lot of it is down to not setting goals.

    I mean yes of course you can say "Well I know my goal I want $500 a week!" but...

    What for?

    Again - yes you need to pay the rent, bills etc...

    But what goals have you got for your LIFE long-term and are you moving towards those goals?

    I also think it comes down to belief.

    The problem is that you need what I call "small successes" to build up confidence and belief and then you know that the sky is the limit.

    Unfortunately our brain is always trying to protect us and make us feel good.

    So when you start off on a task and it is hard work, your brain says:

    "You have worked hard today go and have a beer!"

    "You will be fresher to start this in the morning"

    "Shouldn't you research this more?"

    "Is this really going to be worth it?"

    Most of the time we accept those diversions and make it O.K in our heads.

    However the people that succeed - FOLLOW THROUGH - win, lose or draw - see things through to the end!

    Be like a laser and don't get distracted - pick a goal or an outcome (borrowing that from Tony Robbins ) and go for it.

    Make sure your outcome REALLY excites you and you will get there!

    Hope that made sense?

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    I think for me its information overload, as someone new to all this I want to be sure I know enough to take that frost step. The easy part is finding he information the hard part is knowing what to do with it once you have it
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    Quick reply:

    1- scotch
    2- beer
    3- familyguy
    4- internet kitties
    5- wifey lookin good


    I was going to get all Tony Robbins but then realized that Im sitting here drinking some Johnny and watching Vanilla Sky with the Mrs...
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    Fear of failure mostly and perfectionism.
    Not being able to just do and just dive in and always waiting for everything to be perfect.

    Napoleon Hill said it:
    "Don't wait. The time will never be just right."

    Social responsibility in the IM world

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    I lack this last step - from arousing interest to monetizing it.
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    I don't really know honestly. I do make alright money from ad sales, text links and freelance work but I do not make enough to live on which is where I really need to be at within the next year.

    Plenty of time to get there so hopefully I work that out myself soon enough.
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    I am currently doing enough money from Offline clients and a part time job ... But i plan to Retire from offline job and Found a Company which is already is process ..

    The only thing stopping me is Investment ...
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