How Can Article Writers Provide More Value?

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Im helping my friend to start an article writing service and we are looking for ways to increase the value of the service.

So quite simply, what can article writers do to provide more value, greater advantage, and greater benefit to you?
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    Learn to write articles that tell stories that publishers will want to share with their readers and that will move readers to take a specific action -- click the link in my author's resource box.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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  • Yeah most article writers have no imagination. Some decent research, and even citing sources would be nice. And like Bill said tell a story. Make it interesting.

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    Great thanks guys, so what I hear are the most common complaints right now are:

    -Not interesting enough
    -Doesnt tell a captivating story
    -You dont really want to share it with your readers
    -Need decent research

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      I would agree with Bill. You should do a lot of research before writing the articles so that you provide valuable information to the readers. You should make the article flow well so that readers don't leave midway after reading the article and read it till the end. You should make the article interesting to capture the reader's imagination. A good way to make an article interesting is to add images and videos where possible.
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    Give your clients good returns on their investments through meeting and exceeding their needs. Some of the ways you can accomplish that task are competitive pricing, thoroughly researching the topic and producing articles that are simple and concise and that benefits the readers.

    It is also a good idea to assign projects to writers in areas they have experience in.
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    Write for people, not the search engines. The second you do that, your writing will improve dramatically (assuming you had some semblance of talent in the first place). The importance of storytelling cannot be understated, my entire writing business exploded because of it.
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      I shouldn't need to say it, but recent trolls through article directories tells me I should...

      Factual Accuracy

      Sometimes 'research' isn't enough. Sometimes, especially for some topics, you need to research the research.

      I've come across articles that read well, told a good story, checked all the boxes, but offered information that anyone familiar with the subject would know is just plain wrong.

      If you were going into a new market you didn't know much about, you might easily publish one of these articles. And you would blow any chance you ever had of establishing credibility, much less authority or brand value.

      [Sidetrack - one of the articles I referred to above would have fixed the problem with two minutes on Wikipedia. If the author is reading this, a two-stroke engine mixes oil in the gas. A four-stroke uses a separate oil reservoir. Not the other way around.]
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        Many good qualifications have been stated already, but I'd like to add content that is creative and that readers can empathize with, a piece that is mesmerizing and draws the reader in as a moth is drawn to the flame.

        One does need to take into the consideration the topic and purpose of the article though. Some techniques that work well in some instances could completely bomb in others.

        Communication between client and writer is paramount.

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    In order to fulfil the kind of criteria people are (rightly) mentioning in this thread, the article writers in question will have to be paid a decent amount. if they need to write 4 articles per hour to get the minimum wage then research, references, telling a coherent story etc aren't going to be top of their priorities.

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    Things I look for is a good use of new SEO tactics. SEO is always changing and an article provider that keeps on top of it and provides me with solid good articles that I can rank for is always worth the costs. If they could write me an article and give me something solid that ranks and also converts like a sales copy id be happy to pay upwards of $100 per article to be honest.
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    And approach it from the point that even if they dont end up going to your resource box location's link to buy, they should get immense value just from the article a good 10 minute education if you will call it that... the rest automatically will be taken care of..
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