If You Had To Earn $2000 In a Hurry.......

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If you had to earn $2000 FAST how would you do it? This needs to be above your normal online income, how would you earn a quick $2K?
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  • I would promote a high end affiliate program, or do a product launch.

    perhaps some people have some suggestions on high end affiliate programs that convert well.

    I know one that sells like hot cakes and sells for $197 and pays $70% commission. The people who buy in this niche spend thousands - to tens of thousands of dollars a year, and this product can save them up to 2/3rds of what they would normally pay. So they have no problem paying $197 because they will make their money back off of the saving in a month or two.

    SENukeX has a launch coming up in Aug - you can promote the lifetime license and earn 50% OFF OF $2,000 SALES.

    I you want some more info or tips send me a PM

    P.S. you could win big in an affiliate contest - easy $2,000 or more in prize money...

    PM Me Now!

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    Have a yard sale!... Or sell anything you can live without on craigslist. You would be amazed at how much money you can earn in a short period of time.

    Bonus tip. One thing I do is visit yard sales later in the day when they are getting ready to shut down. I then offer to haul off anything that they did not sell for free. This way they don't have to bring all the stuff back in the house.

    Then I sell the stuff on craiglists and ebay. Some items sell, some go to the dump. But it's just about 100% profit.
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      Originally Posted by ThePopKid View Post

      Well.... build a site and rank it (24 hours)
      find a client and sell it for 2000$ (48 hour)
      also ask for 500$ everymonth to keep the site up there .
      Hmmmmm can't see a 2 day old site selling for $2000!
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    Simply flog your old unused stuff on eBay!
    The eBay Power Guru Blog

    Learn How To Be An eBay PowerSeller For Free Today
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    How fast? I could have a PLR sale and that would bring in some of the money I needed. I could also send out an extra broadcast to one of my niche site lists. If I still needed money I could look for some writing clients. I may end up being extra busy while I take care of the writing work but I would have the money I needed.
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  • I would sell $2000 worth of stuff on ebay...
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      Originally Posted by Jerlaw View Post

      I would start an affiliate contest.
      Another great point. If I know something big is coming up, I like to have an affiliate event/contest as well as a sale. A while back I had one where the top affiliates all got permanent increases in commissions and I gave out some cash prizes to people who met certain quotas. It got a lot of my affiliates more active.
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    Instead of selling something on eBay, I will actually buy a few items from eBay and sell it locally by advertising it in the classifieds of the local newspaper. There are some amazing deals on eBay, especially with regard to PCs and Laptops!

    But of course, for this to work you will need some liquid!
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    If I have to jump the gun and get that money quick as possible, I'm looking here:

    What to do if you're desperate.
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