what squeeze page wp theme do you use?

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I am wondering what you guys are doing to build squeeze pages.
Seen some use Optimizeone, are there other alternatives?
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    There was some kind of plugin or theme called flex squeeze, and you can create your own design.
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    The most popular one seems to still be Optimizepress.

    But for flexibility I created my own WP theme which just consists of a blank page and sidebar with no menu or header.

    Then I create my own graphics (text and pics) and just upload them to a blank page.
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    If you are not good at web designing, just use Optimize Press.
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    Here to throw my hat into the optimize press basket. It's easily one of the most versatile website builder-thing (? lol) I've ever used.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Is there a coupon code or some way to get a discount on OptimizePress?
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    For me OptimizePress rules with these pages...
    Message me about joining our secret Viral Sites Clan on Facebook (not for newbies)
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    I use OptimizePress. It is so quick and easy to set up squeeze pages, sales pages and sales funnels.

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    Most people use OptimizePress and it's a very comprehensive plugin actually.
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    If you buy a premium theme they will all have the option of creating a new page that has a different layout to the rest of your site. This means you can keep your main blog header and just create the squeeze page as you would have done in a html editor previously.

    Use a graphics plug-in to create headlines, and aweber to customize it exactly the way you want it. I tend to find that a lot of the optimizepress sites all look the same, and depending on the niche it can be a bit of a turn off to see yet another similar squeezepage.

    Ultimately you have to test all of these things out and go with what you think feels right.
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      I have tried both optimize press and profits theme. I think more people use optimize press but both are pretty darn good imo
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    optimize press is very good.
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    Another OptimizePress fan over here! It's perfect for squeeze pages.

    - Trevor


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      I currently own Optimizepress, getpremise ProAffiliate Theme and recently i bought Lead Goriila.

      Each one of the them is good on specific things.

      For example Lead Gorilla does not have too much content but it is like appsumo landing pages and it really rocks.

      My personal favorite is getpremise though although it is a bit expensive i tihkn it overdelivers and copyblogger media ( the creator of the plugin) rocks.
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    I'm a big fan of OptimizePress, and use it on all of my squeeze pages.
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    Profits theme is good , i have used that , also "premise", it's a plugin from studiopress , good thng with oremise is its a plugin so you can use it with any of your theme , also wpsquueze pro from jason fladlien is a good option..
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