Youtube makes this hard to find -- here's an easy map...

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YT has changed things around a little. When you create a new acct, you 1st must create a gmail acct. Then it takes your 1st and last NAME when you filled out the form to create the gmail acct., and it transfers your NAME (1st and last) to your YT acct and makes that (by default) your yt USER NAME (!!)

You can only change (edit) your yt username ONCE, then you can never change it again. So, you only have one time to get it right, and they do NOT make it obvious how to do that (like they used to).

Here's how to locate that spot...

after you create your acct. go to you tube, and go to this page...

then look to the LOWER LEFT, and you'll see this in TINY writing!!...

Would you like to appear on YouTube as a different name, brand or organization?
Create a username
<----(((click on this)))

Hope that helps!


-- TW
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