Finally A First Clickbank Sale!

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After a year of failure, finally i've made my first sale!

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    Way to go !! What is the secret?
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    feels great does'nt it? well done, many congratulatios and onwards and upwards!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    Great job! Now analyze what you did to make that sale...Did you have more than $68 of time/resources poured into that sale? What is your conversion rate? etc...

    Obviously, you cannot draw too many conclusions from just one sale...but the key is testing, tweaking, and optimizing your affiliate marketing campaign.

    That said...congrats!
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    YES ! *Virtual HIGH FIVE*!

    Zack Sprague

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    Congratulations! I am looking forward to first sales myself. Please share your experience. What type of product were you advertising and how?

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    Congratulations I hope you understand how it happened and now all you need to do is what you did just over and over again everyday and bingo cash rolling in!
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    I advertised a dating product with PPC
    now i'm adding more products and hoping for more sales
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    Well done dude! The first one is always the best. I only started promoting CB offers a few months ago and set up 130 automated twitter accounts to blast offers (mixed with news so not be banned) and made a few sales within days.

    It is all about targeting?
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    Now the challenge is to make the second sale. I was stuck for a long time when it came to getting steady flow of sales. In the beginning you always get excited when you get a sale but the real challenge is to get the next one faster than the previous one.
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    Nice one, however do not stop there. Keep on going

    Consistent daily efforts is the key

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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    Congrats dude, paid traffic is where its at. Now scale it up.
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    Excelent Job, Now Just Rinse And Repeat!
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    Now analyze and scale it up. Soon you'll have sales on a daily basis.
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    congrats. How did you promote the product? I have been trying to get off zeros for the longest on clickbank. It is good to know that someone is actually getting conversions.
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    Awesome! That is always great news
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    After a year (not failure), you made your first sale. Congratulations!

    It's not easy making money online. Good for you and I hope you get many more sales.
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    well done my friend.

    What you have to do from now on is being consistent and persistent in the future sales.
    Do not lose your focus, there is more to come. This is only the beginning to success.
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    I just started click bank affiliate marketing today. Set up some PPC and im ranking on the first page for my keywords so its looking bright. Hopefully im going to get that great feeling of a first sale soon. Congrats on your first sale!
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    ^ Do let us know when that happens.
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    Sweet! Congratulation
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    Getting that first sale will make your day/month. It may not buy you a new house, but it atleast restores some faith in that what you're doing is possible and can work. It's a just a matter of time before you get in front of more people and convert more sales!
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    A nice sized commission too. What took you so long to get your first clickbank sale?

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