How to create a video very quickly?

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Hello Guyz,

Could anyone please tell me how to create a video very quickly..

Im just thinking to keep text, images and good background music (if possible)..Im not interested to show face in video..

So any good software you suggest me that can able to help me to create videos quickly..

waiting for responses!
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    You can try animoto or windows movie maker.

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    Animoto - Video Slideshow Maker with Music is what I use most of the time
    If i need something they dont offer ill use camtasia or Pinnacle Studio 15
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    Camstudio will do it for you... music and everything. It's free too.
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    I use Pinnicle Studio 15 and Animoto, sometimes in combination. I can make a movie in Animoto, then make additions/changes in PS15. Right now though, I am getting an error in Animoto when I try to make a movie.
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    Another good options:
    1. Stupeflix Studio
    2. Flixtime
    3. (video tools that listed by Youtube)

    With these tools you can make professional-looking videos in a few clicks.
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      Hi There
      you can make a screen cast video very simply and very quickly using the following free products
      1) Open Office for slides (same as Power point)
      2) Jing for screen recording or screencast (Jing free is only 5 mins I think and only in SWF format but Jing Pro is only $14.9 per year)
      3) Vimeo for hosting so you can grab the embed code and put on a web page or wordpress page

      I use Camtasi as you can add sound tracks using free music tracks (just google) you can sign up for a free 30 day trail so you can get going.

      Hope this helps
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    you can start with windows movie maker surely if you want to create movies with that criteria..
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    Magix Movie Edit Pro, PowerPoint and Camtasia mixed together will allow you to create just about anything you want.
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    you can use following service from YouTube YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    Originally Posted by gillw254 View Post

    Hello Guyz,

    Could anyone please tell me how to create a video very quickly..

    Im just thinking to keep text, images and good background music (if possible)..Im not interested to show face in video..

    So any good software you suggest me that can able to help me to create videos quickly..

    waiting for responses!
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  • Profile picture of the author Denden is really good.
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    Video's can be very easy to work with, its sounds like your looking for more of a multimedia presentation which is even easier. There are MANY programs out there that produce high quality slideshows for FREE. Mac offers a ton of great movie and slideshow making programs, with many outputs such as: HD, Ipod, Internet, etc.. If you have windows I would suggest Microsoft Powerpoint if you have it. Open Office can be just as good, and if all else fails use the good old Windows Movie Maker. I'm sure you can do a Google Search for a "Slideshow Maker" for free, just check the reviews to make sure there is not a bunch of ad-ware attached.

    There is a little bit of work involved to make a nice video (transitions in the text, moving animation, etc..) but they are NOT necessary. Another note to mention is the more content and stuff going on can seriously boost your rendering time. Hope it all goes well, if you need any advice or help do not hesitate to PM me. I graduated with my degree in Multimedia Design.
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      I love Animoto -- have the Pro version so I can brand them -- super easy and very slick.

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    Originally Posted by gillw254 View Post

    Hello Guyz,

    Could anyone please tell me how to create a video very quickly..

    Im just thinking to keep text, images and good background music (if possible)..Im not interested to show face in video..

    So any good software you suggest me that can able to help me to create videos quickly..

    waiting for responses!
    Camtasia, Screenflow,
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    I use iMovie which comes with a Mac. I can make you basic videos with panning photos or screenshots and text fairly cheap if you want. Check the signature.
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    Im really vm thank ful to all of the above guyz who has given me very good suggestions.. I definitely follow your suggestions..

    Thank you
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    learned a few things in this post myself ive got the 3 i normally use but will be testing a few of the posted ones as well
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    Are we voting here?

    I am a fan of Camtasia.
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  • Camtasia gets my vote, too. For some reason it is cheaper for Mac than for Win. The free alternatives I tried were very resource intensive. Then there's Adobe Captivate if you want to make it interactive or generally put more effort into it.
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    windows movie maker
    powerpoint slides converted into video
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    camstudio is great.
    you should try some to know what is best for you.
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    with $ 25 of fiveer I did make the video very beautiful.

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  • Camptasia is a great software for making videos yourself but its a bit pricy. You could also outsource it on Fiverr. There are some very good quality gigs there if you hunt about a bit. You may get a more original video for a bit more than $5 with some more features.
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    Hello Gill
    My best three and cheap otions are:

    Rocket Video Maker
    Quick Video Cretor
    And Automatic Video Maker

    Let me know if you need further assistance with any of these tools.

    My not so cheap option but excellent is:

    Best regardas.
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      I also like Animoto - but recently having problems using on YouTube - "matched third party content" issues because of sound tracks on videos.

      Anyone experiencing this also and any ideas as to what is the best action or how I can avoid this :confused:
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    Lots of great ideas already mentioned and here are a couple more products & services.

    You can hire someone on Fiverr, Odesk, Elance, Warriorforum or other outsourcing sites

    Here are a couple of products that create a video similar to Animoto and I think you can find both of them on Warriorforum.

    video niche dominator
    Rocket Video Maker

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  • Profile picture of the author automationhero lets you do free 30 second videos with pics, text and audio. also, screen cast o matic lets you do screen captures for free if you want to go that route
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    If you are a busy person like myself why not not outsource
    it for just $5. You can get some very high quality videos
    done for you on The time spent making a video
    could be spent doing many other things.
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      I love using Snagit. It also has a direct import to Camtasia
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    im using camtasia studio its paid but you can find his crack. if you dont dont how to create videos and you dont have time, just buy a service from fiverr $5
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    Camtasia Studio is a great software to create videos quickly.
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    Moovly or Camtasia.

    Moovly (freemium) is really quick and easy to produce a whiteboard video with audio or sound.
    Camtasia (more expensive - circa $250) is equally quick, and you can always load in image exports from say, powerpoint, and add in sound.

    Also, check out the tools in snacktools - they have a really simple tool that allows you to create a slidecast movie to publish.

    You should be able to produce decent results with all of them with a very short learning curve.

    And yes - I have accounts with all 3 of them.
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    I use Camtasia along with the help of Powerpoint. Make sure you download royalty free music from the internet and im sure it will do the job for you quite well.

    If you need any help, feel free to message me.

    Take a look at my channel for more examples of the videos I created : Mobiles Tech Land - YouTube
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    If you want to create by yourself you could try useing Windows movie maker. But if you don't want to create by yourslef, then you can try to use some services in fiverr.
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    Yeah, would have to say animoto if your just starting out. For free you can create a 30 second video and I think its like five bucks or something like that you can increase to their next available plan. They seem to convert very well but as with anything else there is testing your text and images.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    You can create short presentation videos for FREE if they are under 5 minutes and it's relatively easy.
    Google - How to create presentation videos for free

    or you can check this out

    Tools needed are
    - Jing Project
    - Powerpoint or Google Presentation
    - Internal or external microphone

    That's it! You can host your videos for free to screencast or upload to a video sharing site such as YouTube.

    It's a way to get started, don't let the technology hold you back from getting it done, start somewhere, with what you can and progress gradually.

    Good Luck.
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    Go to your good friend "Google".....he has answers for all things...I'm serious. That and you tube.

    Gold Bear

    This is my website, I think you'll like it!

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    You can check ArticleVideoRobot, I have tried it and very easy to make a video, takes about several minutes per video.
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      wow.. I guess I'm the out cast, I use Adobe Premiere. Pound out the slides in photo shop real quick, its drag and drop after that!
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    You've gotten a lot of good resources here. However, what no one has mentioned is the initial learning curve of ANY program or software. Expect to spend some time learning it. But once you know it, you're good to go and can create videos on the fly from there on out -- especially if they're just screencast videos.

    I've invested heavily in learning how to do video, both live video and screen capture video. It's NOT intuitive to me, nor am I comfortable on camera. So it's been a STEEP learning curve for me and has taken quite a chunk of time. (Video software like Pinnacle and Sony Movie Studio are NOT intuitive to me and I went through some heartache to learn them.)

    However, I have those skills now. And I'd recommend CamStudio for screencast video (free) and Sony Movie Studio for live video.

    Also, remember there's more to it than just the techie part. Look for good info on how to actually SELL and build your list via video. Resolve not to produce any video without a specific goal (either a sale or building your list).

    Hope that helps!

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    You should give PowToon a try! It is an amazing animation software that is super easy to use. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative
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      Well by now you should be really confused as to which one to get.


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    You can also do this in PowerPoint and convert to video format...not as robust as a video editor, but you said you were looking for fast.

    There will be no need to "learn" a video editing program and it can be done it 1 day
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