Please have a quick look.

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Can a few warriors please have a quick look at KiteJunkiee - Kitesurfing Polarized Sport Sunglasses, Hook Knifes, Kitesurfing DVD's, Kitesurfing books, Rashgaurds, Waterproof cases, LED Waterproof Dive Torches and please let me know if its all displayed properly.

The problem Im getting is where it is suppose to read 'New products for March' it reads TABLE_HEADING_NEW_PRODUCTS.

I think its my internet connection doing this (somehow) because it happens on both my computers.
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    It's not your connection, I see the same thing.

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    I see the same thing too.
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    Nope - it's in your site.

    <td class="b2">TABLE_HEADING_NEW_PRODUCTS</td>
    You can find the line by viewing the page source and using edit>find .

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      Yeah, it's same problem here also..It's not your PC problem, i think it's with your Onpage factors...
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    Yes Kay is right I see the same thing in your page source.

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    I didn't see the problem you mention but there are other little problems like some brackets (>) from the code showing in the contents boxes and the footer being shortened sp that one line of text simply not on the page

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    Thanks to all! Ill get working on this now
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    Displays fine in my browser (Firefox v3.0.6).

    I just copied this from the site: New Products For March

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