How long did it take you???

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To make your first penny on internet marketing????
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    Four months, 2000 emails, and countless phone calls... [see]...

    Chip Tarver

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      It took me about a two days as I was using Adwords back in 2003! However, I put in about 9-months of writing content (i.e., email series, ebooks, etc.) before I started marketing.

      I would suggest you focus on the consistency of income generated online not how fast you get it.
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        It was a couple of weeks.
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          Not counting Ebay, it took me 6 days to make $87 and I made it off of craigslist in the dating section.
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            After thinking about this question, ask yourself how long it took for you to make your first investment in information or a product to help you get started?

            Think about whether you felt any resistance to that investment or whether it just felt like a necessary part of the process?

            If you are ever struggling for motivation, consider your answer to this question. And if you are marketing to newbs, think about this when you construct your product/sales material.

            The reason I say this is because it helps to take me back to where I was when I started (in terms of mindset). I started with no resistance to making the necessary purchases, but now the resistance that I have built up (in order to protect my wallet) gets in the way when I try to see things from a newb's point of view for sales purposes.


            Roger Davis

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    Originally Posted by kath314 View Post

    To make your first penny on internet marketing????
    Hi Kathleen,

    It took me countless hours and sleepless nights struggling with an affiliate website - and finally I made my first few bucks in about 5 months!!!

    So the lesson is - for some it takes a really long time to get into the whole thing and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
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    I'm not really sure.. It took awhile though. The hardest part for me was just learning the basics of websites and how they work. I wanted to be able to build my own sites. I have never really had much luck using PPC programs and promoting other peoples products through their affiliate programs. I've had my best luck with the Ebay Affiliate program and just released a video tutorial as a WSO:

    Ebay has in my opinion the BEST Converting Program ever. The best part is I spend NO money on PPC. These niche sites just get gobbled up by the search spiders so my traffic is coming in FREE of charge.

    I would say you could easily make commissions in your first month with this program. Especially if you made it your goal to build and submit at least 5 niche sites to the search engines.
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