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Hello WarriorForum community,

I have been lurking on this forum for the past few weeks and finally decided I should write my first post regarding my own site. A while back I started to work on a new advertising platform. The business model was quite simple. Purchase an advertising space on the site, have a % of the profit go to charity, and be admitted to an exclusive "Advert Donator" club. By all accounts, I was very optimistic from the start. Being a web designer/developer for ~5 years, I had no issue designing and developing the site. Within weeks, a fully functional site was up and running. The first hurdle was down. I had to then make my site easy to find. I swore to only use white hat SEO, and I kept that promise. I created legitimate backlinks, used good SEO techniques on my website, and spent lots of time with social media. I made my presence on the web by releasing my PR statement which was professionally written and had a mailing list of over 400 blogs. I then created a twitter and facebook page. My twitter was 200 followers strong by the first week, while my facebook had very little traction on the internet. A week or two passed and I got my first break. The first blog decided to write about my advertising platform. Before then I had a usual of 5-6 visitors on my site per-day from organic traffic. After the blog posted the article, 10-15 people per-day became the usual. This was actually the highest amount of visitors the site received up until now. I thought I did everything right. Created incentive to advertise, provided an attractive front-end for visitors, and made purchases simple. This was, after all, my first for-profit project that I did for myself. I usually don't deal past the code, but this time I decided to do everything. So I am left with a site that has lots of potential, very little traffic, and a large dent in my time. I would appreciate ANY and ALL suggestions you may have. I think I am left with two options. Fix this myself, which I clearly don't know how at this point in time, or flip this site for a tiny fraction of what I could make, given this site would work properly. I never considered some of the methods written about here before, but I am now highly interested in them.

Anyways, for more relevant information on the site, please PM me. Thanks!
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    Any suggestions?
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