S3FlowShield showing a black screen? Here's the fix!

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Hey guys!

I've been struggling with an issue with S3FlowChield: it only showed a black screen when looking at it at Google Chrome, whereas Firefox seemed to be working fine.

I tried a whole bunch of things, but none of them worked. I gave their support my login details, but they weren't able to fix it as well..

But.. I just got it to work!!

After their support pointed me in the right direction, I discovered it was because my server had gzip enabled. All I had to do is create a little .htaccess file in one of the directories, and I was good to go

Here you'll find which .htaccess to create: Making flowplayer.swf files play in IE where gzip is enabled (put the .htaccess in the directory with the swf's).

Hope this helps in case any of you are struggling with the same bug!

- Wilco
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