Newbies/Intermediates: How To Write & Sell A Good Money Making IM (or Other Niche) Ebook In 14 Days!

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NOTE: I may have to get offline for a bit so will edit this post later if necessary, for now bear with me and hope you enjoy the post.

Right, first off, I need to ask you a question...

What IS a good ebook? I know, I know, that's ebook 101, but just bear with me, the answer to this question is vital to your success with this strategy...

OK, so what's a good e-book?

Well, it's simply a collection of good articles expanded to reveal more details than brief 250 word - 500 free articles you find easily anywhere.

It's that simple.

If you think of writing an ebook as though you were writing a novel, you would probably spend months or years trying to finish it because instead of writing technically to benefit your readers (the way you do with your free articles), you would try to add style and pizazz and many many people are not that good at writing, however, let me ask you this...

How difficult is it to write a warrior post for example?

When you have an idea of something you want to share, you simply hit "New Thread", type in a Title and start writing your post. Right?

And because you're writing to a familiar audience interested in getting more details about what your title promises you simply TYPE TYPE TYPE.

You get the most important thoughts down, and you preview, edit and hit submit to publish your thoughts. It's the same way you'd write an ebook, except you would add more details (if necessary), and you would write more than one "good post" and then combine it all together to form an ebook.

If you write 2-3 "posts" in one day and each post contains 500 words, and you write diligently for 7 days, you would have enough material for a good ebook of anywhere from about 10,000 words and roughly 21 pages.

Once complete, you can then re-read, edit, and publish in say PDF.

While you're preparing the sales material you can come up to the forum and ask for non-biased reviews from interested warriors -- you will almost always get a good response. You can limit the no. of review copies to under 20.

While folks are reviewing your work, you can get busy designing a book cover.

Browse the web for similar ebooks, books on amazon etc and try to get ideas from existing ebooks that have caught the public's attention. Then open up photoshop and design your own ebook to match or beat those you've found.

If you can't design it, come to the warrior forum and get help from those willing to sell you their service or help you with you design for free or a barter exchange.

Once you're done deploying the ebook cover, you can get started writing a sales letter to sell your ebook. There are some sales letter writing software programs that are good enough to give you a good start or template.

If you prefer you can write the letter from scratch yourself.

Again, think of writing the letter as though you were making an informative warrior post that others would love to read. Your letter can be 1,000 - 2,500 words or even less as long as the right information is communicated.

Once you're done with (or while writing) your letter, it's time to see what the reviewers are saying, email them follow ups if you have not heard from them in 48 hours. Whatever responses you get put them in 3 categories...

Category 1 -- Useful as web site testimonial/review

Category 2 - Useful as constructive advice for updates

Category 3 - Not useful

If you gave out say 15 copies, you can expect at least a 3rd to be in Category 1 as long as your ebook is a good one. Be happy with that and then simply edit them for typos and grammar then add them to your sales letter.

Next you'll need to design a web page for the letter. Grab any web page editor or open up notepad if you know HTML and design a simple table with a color scheme that goes with your ebook cover.

Add your sales letter to the page design. If you can't design worth a damn, again get help for free or barter or pay for it, all can be done via the warrior forum.

Now your product is ready, your ebook cover is ready, your letter is ready.

Take 15 - 30 minutes to build a simple download page. All you need is to add a Thank you message, instructions to download your ebook and the download link. Upload this and your letter to your web host.

To capture leads, extract 2-3 juicy parts of your ebook, about 1,500 words is enough, which is about 3 pages. Upload this to a simple download page like described above for your interested prospects to access the download.

You can sign up for an autoresponder account so you can capture the names of interested prospects. Write a simple 20 - 40 word welcome message and offer them the download link. If you're giving away about 3 pages, it's a good idea to send one page a day over 3 - 6 days to build a rapport with them.

Simply program this into your autoresponder account. It will take 30 minutes or less to do this.

Once that's done, sign up with or log into your preferred payment processor and add upload your new ebook with the private download link as you're instructed. Setting a price doesn't have to be a headache.

Here's a simple concept to achieve that...

Work out how long it took you to write the ebook, edit it and get it ready to be uploaded. If you need help to figure out your hourly rate see: once you have your hourly rate, multiply that by the total number of hours it took you to produce the ebook. Also add to that the cost of any other services you have paid for or bartered to get the ebook to readers.

If anything was free to use, calculate how long it took to use it, that's roughly the cost of the free product to you (nothing is free, it will cost you something, time, resources, or whatever else--this should be enumerated).

Now add all these totals together. That will give you a rough estimate of production costs.

To get a good product price, decide how many copies of the ebook you want to sell over the period of a year. You can use a simple estimate to achieve this. Say you sell 1 ebook a day for the next 300 days, you would sell 300 copies. If your production costs were about $1,000, your minimum price will be around $3. So any price you set above that will give you a profit.

Set your price based on industry standards or at a price point you are comfortable with that is ABOVE your estimated minimum price.

Now, this pricing strategy is obviously not an exact science, but it can lead you in the right direction. Once you have your price, enter that into your payment processor. Hit submit and get the payment link for your ebook.

Add that payment link to your site and upload. If you want to get the ball rolling with a discount sale like a WSO, determine how many discount copies you want to sell and at how much, set up the payment link for that, upload.

Use your existing sales letter as your discount offer letter with changes where necessary (no need to write another letter from scratch).

Set up any necessary back end support like linking to your existing download page etc. Next, upload your discount sales letter and go on to pay to have it advertised.

It will go live shortly. Once it goes live, get busy with some publicity marketing right here in the forum if it's an IM related ebook or in other forums if it's in another niche. Leave a link in your sig to your WSO.

Don't expect to make outrageous sales, just pray for something to cover the time or a portion of that time that you have put in. If you make tons of sales that's a bonus, if you don't learn from the experience and move on.

While you're waiting to see results, keep tabs on your offer, email inbox etc but don't get so riled up that you forget to take it easy and carry on business as usual. During or after your discount launch, you can prepare to attract affiliates that will help promote your ebook farther and cheaper for you.

A couple of weeks into this project, you can if you like, start another ebook and follow the same process. By the end of the year, you'll have enough experience with this process to make a success out of several of your ebooks.

That's it.

There are obviously some steps I've omitted, this is just to give you a general lay out of steps. I could if I wanted to, turn this into a more detailed ebook following these steps and likely make a good profit selling the more detailed version here or elsewhere online.

In case you're wondering this post took me all of 1 hour or less to create. It's 1,500+ words, that's 3 pages of an ebook already. It would take me about 14 days to add details and follow all of the steps mentioned above.

The point of this post is to show you what you CAN achieve with a little vision, planning, discipline and action.

The rest is up to you.

I wish you good luck with your next project!

Kunle Olomofe
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    This is very useful post Kunle. Straight to the point. I bought some of your (if you are the same Kunle Olomofe) ebooks few years ago and like them very much.

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      Originally Posted by dmarze View Post

      This is very useful post Kunle. Straight to the point. I bought some of your (if you are the same Kunle Olomofe) ebooks few years ago and like them very much.
      Thanks dmarze for your comments, yep, one and the same.
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    I have always wanted to write an ebook, but I needed a step outline on how to do it first. Thank you for the information, it is greatly appreciated.
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      Originally Posted by neat123 View Post

      I have always wanted to write an ebook, but I needed a step outline on how to do it first. Thank you for the information, it is greatly appreciated.
      You're welcome neat, hope you get started with your own ebook soon.
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    Great post Kunle. Will use the information you've so kindly given.

    Not nailed it yet - but getting there!

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    Thanks for the post on this. This is really going to help me and I appreciate you putting it out here for us newbies.
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