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My question is about Domain names and if it matters for SEO and Google if its .com or an org.?The reason I ask is because I notice a .info at 8 dollars less per year which is quite a big difference
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    I dont think it matter and not sure if anyone can answer that however there are other possibly more important issues here. .info has another regulation than .com than .org etc... They are ran and regulated by different entities

    Also .info comes across as "cheap" in my opinion, not sure if saving $8 is worth it. .org should possibly not be too "commercial". Subtle differences perhaps but worth considering imho
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    Read official Google report after update. You will read black text on white background that Google is no more calibrating/ranking websites based on domain zone.

    The most important things are:
    1. Website's title
    2. H1, H2 tags
    3. Good semantic (HTML tags like <section>,<article> and etc.)
    4. Sitemap in HTML and XML formats
    5. Robots.txt file
    6. Content written for human, not for robot.
    7. Meta tags rel="next"/rel="prev" for correct navigation

    There are much more things, but those are the most important.
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    I will pick .com at first and EMD with your keyword. But if you cant get .com you can get .net or .org. I have ranked many domains, and i dont think that .info is not SEO friendly domain. I ever rank .info to page 1 google. Slap .com and others..
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    It's a myth that domain zone is effective for SEO You see 99% .com in search engine just because everybody do it! Like penguins! If everybody will choose .ly zone...it will be everywhere!

    Man, choose zone you like and enjoy your life!
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    .info will rank as well as any other top level domain given the same SEO and content is used.
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    I think .com is the best choice to go aroud the world. In my opinion it is the best choice. But you can try .info I get .info free with my .com domine name so just check with your registrar.

    Thanks Erwin.
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    .com, .net, .org, and even .info will not effect the SEO.

    The main deficiency of .info domain is it's cheap brand.
    A website with .info domain will be sold cheaper than .com website. Also, if your clients/ people see your website with .info domain, they will think little of you.
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    The SEO approach may need to be slightly tailored , in terms of content and presentation , then things should be more or less pretty even. FYI Aravindh (theplugindude) got WSOTD last week specifically showing case study of using .info to rank tough niches...
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    From SEO stand point it doesn't really matter whether which TLD you use at least with Google's latest algo. Branding wise I think I would put .info at the bottom unless I've got a 3 letter domain like xyz.info or a dictionary one word domain.

    .com is still my first choice.


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    What matters for Google is what matters for the user, because Google trusts the user.
    The user usually likes the .com domain name.
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    When it comes to .com vs. .org, I don't think it really matters from an SEO perspective.

    It might matter if you are promoting your site offline since many people are more familiar with the .com domain though.

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    people see .info typically as spam site, and don't take it as seriously as a .com. You should strive for a .com for commercial and in general, then either go for a .net or .org.
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      The domain name extensions doesn't effect SEO. Might it be .com, .net, .org and .info. What matters are the website content of the domain.

      Still..I'll personally go for .com as it look more authoritative and trust worthy. Just imagine if Amazon.com use other extensions like Amazon.org or Amazon.info. Kinda lame innit.

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  • hey i would like to ask you if there is any approved site how give a free domine with the extantion .com
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  • I think it doesn't matter as long as your site is SEO friendly. .com is the norm nowadays because people choose it mainly (for popularity I guess). But you can rank a site too even if it is .info. Pros: Yes, it is cheaper. Cons: people would still go for a .com, or it affects the image of your site as well.

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      Bumping a thread from 2012 is not a good idea.
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