I need help with a blog generating traffic but no sales...

by Jiran
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Hi Guys,

I am new here but I figured you guys might have some interesting suggestions for me. I am a 20 year old Web Design and Developer that has a huge passion for cars. I found a niche in my passion that there are no Car Blogs showing off the cars in my state so I created...


We have been showcasing some of the amazing cars in Colorado and have some more cool shoots coming up.

My traffic modulates between 1000-2000 right now but what I am stuck on is how do I create more traffic and how do I build revenue without using cheap ads. I am trying to find a way for my passion and the passion of others in this industry to push the revenue not some little ad created from Google that most don't notice anyway. I feel that the ad takes away from the message.

Is there other solutions out there? I am experienced Web Geek but not so much in marketing.

Any help would be much appreciated I can help some of you guys with Wordpress and other Web issues as well!

Any help is apperciated thanks guys!
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    You could start an email newsletter that sends out cool car pictures and info about cars. Periodically promote info products about cars to the list.

    You could also get involved with an affiliate program with ebay to the cars section.

    I would say promote something like carsponsors.com, that would really work but I heard that that is a big scam.

    You could also look into CPA offers related to cars.

    Just a few things off of the top of my head, Hope it helps!
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    DId you try adsense? You may try contacting garages and offer them ad spot on your site for a monthly fee. Or you can put your site on BuySellAds.com Building a list and emailing them some clickbank products. CPA offers.

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    how do I build revenue without using cheap ad
    You could list your site on BuySellAds. It's a media buying marketplace.
    With BSA, you could find advertiser easily. The advertisers will put their ads banners on your site and you'll be paid monthly and not per clicks.

    It's a good, easy way to monetize your site.
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