Low Cost of Free alternative to Dreamweaver?

by Frank2
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Thanks for any lower costs suggestions for Dreamweaver for doing web pages. Alternatively, is there an older version of Dreamweaver that is still good that I can look for on eBay? Thank you.
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    I haven't used DW, mostly I just use Notepad++. But I do have a copy of Expression Web. It costs less than $100 and I like it's attitude compared to a lot of the things I've read about DW.

    It has an emphasis on valid code which is a nice turn around for Microsoft. I think it is one of the better MS offerings.

    I do use it for its superpreview feature, and whenever I have a problem that might be related to invalid code. It tracks that down better than the online validators.

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    Try blue voda (search on google) it's simple but it's free
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    Are you specifically looking for a program that's desktop-based? Any reason you can't just use something like WordPress?
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    You know Cpanel's file manager that comes in most standard hosting companies has an HTML WYSIWYG html editor?

    If you're not doing hardcore html coding, then this is an absolutely awesome alternative.
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    Personally I find that every time I try an alternative to Dreamweaver I end up coming back to Dreamweaver each and every time. That includes Wordpress which I do love, but as I said in a previous post - Adobe til I die!
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    "Best Windows HTML Editor" in 2010,2011, and 2012 as voted on About.com was Coffeecup Html Editor ($69) recieving 73% of the votes. Dreamweaver recieved 2%. The closest to Coffeecup was Website X5 Evolution at 23%.

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    I like Kompozer HTML editor.
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    Yup I agree with eternalwarrior.

    Kompozer is great and it's free. I have used it before it works just fine.
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    I tried all the free alternative I could find, but none works the way I wanted. Dreamweaver is still the best WYSIWYG html editor. The money paid is well worth it.
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    Are any of them close to as easy as Word Press for adding new web pages? Thanks for all of the suggestions! :-)
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      Originally Posted by Frank2 View Post

      Are any of them close to as easy as Word Press for adding new web pages?
      That comparison just doesn't make sense: one is a desktop HTML editor, the other is an online CMS (content management system).

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    I still use Dreamweaver 8, and it's still perfectly fine for the CSS, HTML and XHTML I do. Back then it was still Macromedia Dreamweaver, fast and simple before Adobe turned it into a bloated monster. As others have mentioned, it's hard to switch to something else once you're used to Dreamweaver.

    You can also try Trellian Webpage, which hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread.
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    I use dreamweaver mainly for its intellisense function. I just can't code fast enough without it. Other that that, I have used notepad++, which gives pretty neat options for each type of code. It doesn't have intellisense, but it's a close second.
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    like you can see, everyone has preference. it really depends on what you want to do and what you get used to do.
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