What would you if you had unlimited resources?

by HN Banned
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If you had an access to unlimited funds, what would you do? I mean if you could borrow as much money as you want with zero interest rate and no certain deadline to pay it back.
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    I would buy Warrior forum

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    I would just go out and test literally everything to the nth degree, setting up campaigns in lots of niches, pay for the best copy available and blast lost of paid traffic to many different CPA campaigns.
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    Simple. I would buy a large house, a nice car, and live a nice life. You never said the money had to be paid back while I am still alive. Resell my assets once they appreciate and bingo, all is well!
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    I would pay to get on the news somehow. Maybe by making a hefty donation or doing some good deed in my community.

    Afterwards when media came to my house I would lie and tell them I'm a talented business man. They would ask where I made all my money and I would say from selling auto parts online.

    They'd ask what my name is and I'd tell them "Franky Morrison". I'd write a book and have all the little old ladies in town calling my office. They'd be asking how I made so much damn money in the autoparts industry.

    I'd tell them because I'm young and sexy, and look like their grandson.

    THEN I'd put Frank Kern on the phone and he would close them through hours of manipulative hypnotic suggestions, value framing, rapport building, nlp, etc etc till all the little old ladies emptied their bank accounts.

    This would give me enough money to find out where Anthony Morrison lives. I would pay the FBI to help me land on his roof, and break in through his chimney. I'd sneak into Anthonys house and tell him I'm his long lost fraternal twin seperated from birth. My name is Franky Morrison.

    Anthony would cry while I tried to console his tears.

    As his head was down with both hands on his face, I'd take out a gun and assassinate him.
    Then I'd find his safe and steal all his money.

    Then I'd go back to all the little old ladies and give them Anthony Morrisons money back (even though it was really me that ripped them off).

    I'd get on the news again but this time I'd tell people the truth. I made all my money by being a superhero. Then I'd fly around the world with a massive plane picking up hot prostitutes from all major cities. I'd take them all to a deserted island and legalize prostitution.

    Then I'd spend all the money I made on hookers and that would be the end. I'd die a slow painful death from herpes, gonorhea and hiv. But something else magical would happen too. Id stop the worldwide spread of STDs as all the hookers would now be trapped on an island with no way of getting back home (didn't think about that one HUH!?). They would all die slow painful deaths, the STDs would die with them, and I will have died saving the world from both dirty hookers and Anthony Morrison.

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    I would buy Solo Ads to the max and test my sales funnels from start to finish.

    This allows you to scale things completely and understanding where your business is at is always a great thing to know.

    I love the answer by one of the fellow warriors who said he would buy this Forum. That would be a great investment indeed.
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    Unlimited funds, zero interest, and no payback deadline. Gee, is this a trick question? I'd buy a jet, an island, maybe a small country, do some serious charity work, retire and live like royalty...
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    I wouldn't even answer this in a public forum but i'd guarantee it'll be a life changing event.

    Now enough fantasy back to work.
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    I would definitely multiply my money and invest in some reliable sources that would give it some boost. Continue doing it until I have enough to buy an island and make there everything I or my family would need. And also a helicopter for the transport. Seems big dream but as you said unlimited resources and no payback dead line.
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