What you don't like about Internet Marketing?

by David_Thompson 5 replies
I have a really straight forward question for everyone
on this forum and it goes like this:

What is it you don't like about Internet marketing?

I know already why people love getting into IM, most
will say they Love making money online.

We know the money is a big motivator and the life
style is a part of that too...I love everytime I get an email from paypal or anyone
of the affiliate programs I belong too, it brings a big smile
on my face for sure, so yeah I love helping and making money.

But it can't always be a bed of roses, so what is it about IM
you really don't like, love?

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      Aside from the spammers and scammers, which I'm sure most of us hate, there really isn't anything else I can think of that I dislike about running a business online. What's not to like?

      Things I encounter that might be personally annoying are just a part of doing business online or off, so I don't get too emotional about them.
      Come on BIGMIKE you're sure nothing really gets under
      your skin and just makes you a little bit crazy sometimes? lol

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      The learning curve.

      I seem to graviate towards new marketers and I can see just how far I've come. That learning curve is killer though, you've got to be stubborn to stick it out until you see a little money.

      This isn't what it said in the brochures! :p
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        I dislike the glare of the monitor. LOL.

        I have shortsightedness and my eyes get really dry and tired easily due to long work hours.

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          What I don't like...I can make a list...

          But the main one is: *drum roll*

          -How you can find the same information over and over, just packaged differently.-

          No originality these days.

          I mean how many times do I have to read "How to Start a business with Article Marketing"/ or promoting your business with "articles".

          You would think after the first initial 50 products were released on how to do it, it will stop. Yet it fails to amaze me how many products still talk about it. Absolutely ridiculous.

          It would be great if something unique was discovered, but the only difference between all those products are the people that wrote them and how they assimilate the information and deliver it.

          I guess in the long run you are paying for their insight.

          I am not just talking about articles, but a lot of other topics as well. That is probably the most annoying thing.

          *yawn* I get so tired when I get a new report and it's all the same crap again.
          "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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            I kinda detest information overload. You know, where there are a thousand techniques written all over the place just for one task. It can get really confusing at times
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