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Wow it is so good to be back here on warrior forum, it feels like I have first say hi to all my old friends ... Hi EVERYONE I really have missed this amazing forum.

Well this is the main internet marketing forum so lets get down to an internet marketing Question. A good friend of mine has written and published a book, I read the book and loved it.... Really loved it not just because it was a friend. He approached me for some help on marketing the book and I am loving the challenge because it is something I really believe in. So I need help from you guys who I consider some of the best and smartest online marketing minds on Earth.

Here is what has been done already...

Book is published in hard copy and all the ebook formats including Barnes and Noble, and Kindle.

He has setup the website (any suggestions on the website would be fantastic help as well)

I suggested a freebie give away to build a list which we he created and I really like it I think it is a good value add.

We have started social media marketing Twitter, Facebook and I have managed to get a large amount of followers, but through using twiends and other tools not really Targeted by any means.

The publishing company is also doing good things he has quite a few Radio talk spots finished, and Guest blogs on some good sites.

So I believe there is a great foundation, but not a lot of sales being generated form his own website which he has only just started.

So please help with any suggestions, Even the obvious ones I may have overlooked, because just seeing this forum has brought back a flood of ideas back and many of them simple things I forgot about.

Thanks in advance .... And again its great to be back
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    Hi Cathy,

    It sounds like you are doing a great job so far, but I am wondering if you have nailed down keywords that people who might be interested in the books topic would be searching for? Being the traditional IM girl that I am, I would start by doing some article marketing with links to his website in the text and/or the resource boxes... maybe get some reviews of the book posted on book club websites. I agree that targeting the market is key.

    I think there are quiet a few different ways to go from there, but that is where I would start.
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      Thanks Great advice.... I have looked at keywords but not in as much depth as I would like. His book as about getting out of the debt abyss.... but not a traditional get out of debt book its more an emotional spiritual response to getting out of debt.... But I guess debt related keywords will work... He writes a huge amount of really good blog posts and constantly writes so I have to start doing article submissions. It has been such a long time, are the old article submissions sites still the best any really good new sites?
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