How long should a YouTube video should be?

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I am planning on starting a YouTube campaign for my particular niche and I have read a couple of YouTube ebooks that recommend a short video...something around 3 minutes top.

On the other hand I could develop a much more longer video...for example if I were to review a, let's say, clickbank product I could explain what the product is all about, benefits, who is it for, bonuses, testimonials,...etc.

I have plenty of experience with presentations and I know how to do it properly on powerpoint along with camtasia...(bullets, images, short sentences, etc.)

But it all comes down to experience which regarding YouTube video, I lack...

What would be your experience with video duration? what would you say is the optimal time for a product review (clickbank/amazon)?

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    Promote your niche as you would on your own blog. Make it short, concise, and get straight to the point.

    There is a reason infomercials still continue to work.
    -Tell the customer why they need it.
    -Give details of when they can use it in everyday life.
    -Get straight to the price.

    For Clickbank and Amazon, I would do about two to three minutes tops. Like the old saying goes, "KISS"

    Keep It Simple Stupid!
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    It should simply be long enough to get your point across. I would say the more you make reviews, you'll get a better fell of what you want to talk about, likes/dislikes, etc and the length of the videos will vary.

    If you are looking for a real numerical answer, 90 seconds to 7 minutes?.

    SEO is in my blood. So much so I will give the occasional free quick analysis whenever I feel like it. For the most part though, I'm a newb outside of SEO.

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    It depends what you're trying to achieve with your videos.

    If you only want them to click your clickbank link, you only want to make it a couple of minutes tops.

    Whereas, if you're trying to build a subscriber base and drive consistent traffic to a website you need to make them a little bit longer.

    - Trevor


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    I've had good success with videos around one minute long. This is enough time to explain a product and its benefits, but not long enough for most people's eyes to glaze over.

    But what I would suggest is trying different lengths and seeing what works best for your offer.
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    Short and tot he point. It also depends on your niche. Most people have ZERO attention span however, so pack as much information in there in the shortest time possible.
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    I would look at the quality of the video first, then the length.

    There are plenty of high quality videos above 3 minutes that will hook the viewer.

    Focus on the quality of your video and don't worry about the length.

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      Originally Posted by nasuryono View Post

      I would look at the quality of the video first, then the length.

      There are plenty of high quality videos above 3 minutes that will hook the viewer.

      Focus on the quality of your video and don't worry about the length.
      That's good advice, and something I forgot to highlight. If your videos suck, nobody is going to sit through them or buy anything from you. (I'm looking at you, people who turn a single picture with a web address on it into a video.)
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    It better to keep your videos length about 3 minutes..
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    If your content is powerful and entertaining, length does not really matter.
    But as an avid youtube watcher I can tell you this, the product reviews on youtube are usually long and detailed (upto 15 min max).

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    I would rule out videos less than 1 minute which may raise flags, but greater than 5minutes may be boring. I will play in the middle from 2 to 5 mins max.
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      It depends on the content of your video. If it's a clickbank review I always hit them fast and hard with the key benefits and a strong call to action. I also always include 5 seconds of the product guarantee certificate.

      The main idea is to get people to click your link. Test different lengths, but I find for CB products about 60 seconds is all that's needed. Most people click through or beat it before the video runs all the way. I have videos North of 18% CTR with this method.
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    Just make the video as long as it needs to be to convey your message.
    You can later go back and edit it to make it shorter and more concise.

    Just make sure it delivers some real value before you pitch something.


    You're only as good as your last sentence...

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  • As most people said above, people have VERY short attention spans. But yes it depends on the video and what you're trying to achieve.

    Some people make REALLY long videos (about 10-15mins) of just sharing and talking about some experience or technique - but you only do this if you are confident enough to be able to CAPTIVATE the audience within the first few seconds to make them REALLY want to hear what you wanna say.

    If it's a product demo or something then of course it could take a little longer.
    Ideally though, 2-5 minutes as someone above said is ideal - because this kinda gives a sort of 'teaser' of what kind of value you have to offer.

    Put it this way, each video is like a 'trailer' for a 'movie' (your product/service) you provide. The 'trailer' has to captivate people into wanting to watch the movie (buy your product).

    In my case, I am more about speaking my mind and saying what needs to be said sometimes and I can take up to nearly 10 minutes in my videos, depending on what I have to address.

    Blogging With Attitude - Michaelangelo Flores Official Blog

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    That really depends on your target you are willing to achieve from the very video. But a standard video length is 3 mins.
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    I think it depends on your content. If you do a review, I think you will have 8-10 mins videos.
    But, I agree with zombiesredalert, Make it short, concise, and get straight to the point.
    3 mins is minimal, coz, usually less than 3 mins is fake video that only chase Hot Trends Title
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    Like a lady's skirt ...

    ... it should be short enough to keep you interested
    and long enough to cover everything

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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    As long as you have great content to present, the video duration isn't that important!
    But, maybe short videos are better for grabbing attention. Still it is not always the truth!
    You need to test it!

    Best wishes!
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    Your youtube video can be 30s - 30 minutes. You've to sort out what you want to convey thro' your video, based on which you can design the length of your video.
    It can be 30s if it's just a link to your site. And it can be for 30 minutes if you want to train people in some important concept.

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    It depends.

    If you are advertising something then around 2 mins or less is best.

    If it is a tutorial then it can be longer.
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    Viral videos are generally 30 sec to 1:30. And they have a link in the desription box which does all the selling and talking.

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    My suggestion would be 30 to 90 seconds, 3 minutes will be bored. Lot of big startup companies made idle time as 60 seconds you can check on this collection too
    Startup videos

    Studying Journalism

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