How big a factor is domain age for ranking?

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I'm curious. Say you have a site that is 2-3 months old, but all your competitors on page 1 have sites that are around 1-2 years old.

How BIG a factor is domain age in ranking? If I do better seo than my competitors, build my links a bit faster, promote my site more, make better content, I'll still have a major disadvantage just because the site is young?

So what if I were to dump a bunch of money into ppc (which I planned on doing anyway), could that help give the site a "boost"?

I have an older site in the same niche ranking fairly well, its 3 years old, but I don't have 100% ownership over the site. So I want to make my OWN site that is 100% mine, and try to rank that one too.

Thanks guys - Red
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    With the new google Penguin update I have no idea what google is doing anymore! As Rich Van said "type search engine into google"..... Stupid Google.
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    Yes it does matter but if you want go buy an aged domain and 301 redirect the domain to your site's domain. This will "pass on" domain age 'juice'
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    So let me ask you this. Can I use the 301 redirect if I want to keep both sites?
    Like keep it up just untill the newer site starts to rank, take the redirect down then keep both sites?

    What effect does the redirect have on the older site? If its pr3, a few pages on page 1 of google, does the redirect hurt the older sites ranking? If I need to buy a new older domain to do it I will, was just curious about using the older domain I have now.

    If the redirect will hurt its value then I'll just buy an aged domain I guess.

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