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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and excited by all the great content and discussion going on!
I'm a newbie to all this and wonder if anyone can offer some advice please?
I've written an Ebook about How to Save Money on Insurance and wonder what's the best way to sell and promote it. Should I give it away with resale rights and make money off my affiliate links or retain ownership and sell for a decent price ... say on Ebay?
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    My advice would be to create your own site selling the product.

    You could do a WSO here on this forum to get some cash and feedback/testimonials and then launch your site.

    I would focus on building your own site selling you product and building a large group of affiliates to promote it for you.

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      Hi there,

      Is your ebook something you could aim at insurance brokers who could use it as a sales/marketing tool to generate them new clients.

      You might be able to build some viral marketing into it, certainly some non competing affiliate links. You could show them how to have it download-able from their websites or even better put a link to your site from their's...?


      Carl Henry
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      Definitely your own site because you will then get $ for every sale.
      You can write articles to promote your ebook or adwords campaigns(paid solution).

      Regards...Michael T.

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        I think you can test out your product and improve on the sales page conversion through a WSO?

        And it would be good to get some testimonials by giving the first 10 copies free.

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          Thanks for the replies guys. I'm really going to show my ignorance now.. What's a WSO?
          The book is aimed at insurance buyers (end customers, ie you and me) in the UK and gives them inside information on how to reduce their motor and home insurance bills. I'll offer a guarantee that the information will do this and probably save them around £50-£100 a year.
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