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Hello all warriors,

I know those of you who have been around for a while are getting tired of answering the same question over and over again, but hopefully you can tolerate one more time.

I joined WF not looking to become this ultra wealthy internet guru, but rather, to see if my video services could help me make some money to suppliment my loss of income. While I have been here, I have been reading different threads about how this person made this much using this strategy, and frankly, it is really intriguing. My thought is, "even though I didn't intend on using marketing strategies to make money, why can't I start?"

I have been following Steve Crooks' thread, Follow me to $100 a day in Adsense in 3 months from 1 blog and it is making me want to go for it, and follow his footsteps.

My problem is though, not only am I completely new at this, but I have this lingering feeling of doubt. Hence this post. My question is to the experienced warriors, how did you get over the feeling of doubt?

Hopefully you all can give me some god advice, I know that in the past, you all have not steered me wrong.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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    You never get over the feeling of doubt! You just have to step outside your comfort zone and go for it. You may fail along the way, but it's a fact that successful people fail more often than unsuccessful people simply because they try more often.

    My advice to you would be to go for it, and use this forum for support and advice along the way. By taking action and struggling, you'll gain more respect from the active Warriors and they'll fall all over themselves to help you!

    Go for it, and enjoy the ride!

    Kind regards,
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    I got over the feeling of doubt by NOT thinking about it and just taking action. You see I finally got sick and tired of watching everyone else get rich, quit their day job and buy just about anything they wanted...

    I got tired of hearing about it so I went and did something about it. I picked something, put my head down and did the work and learned something from the experience. No, my first attempt was not successful but I learned a great deal from it.

    I then went on and tried other things... Before long I forgot about my feeling of doubt because the money started to trickle in.

    I did more of what I was doing and expanded on my knowledge by buying courses. I funded my IM education using all my profits for years.

    Today I enjoy a great deal of things and am thankful I took action. Although sometimes trying to have things absolutely perfect slow me down a little, overall I could not have done it without taking massive action.

    So in retrospect I suggest:

    1. Pick one thing
    2. Learn it
    3. Do it

    Mike Hill
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    I for one can relate to your plight. doubt, worry and fear are the greatest forces that stop us from reaching for our dreams. That "Am I good enough?" syndrome wants to trap us in our little corner of the world where we think we are safe. The thing is, mate, that it is not from our successes that we learn but rather from our failures. Each failure is another chance to examine what went right and what went wrong and then we work to repeat the right while leaving the wrong behind.

    Success is not something we have right away, but something we grow into. As hard as it might seem to hear right now, the best advice anyone can give you is to hold on tight and take that leap of faith. I can pretty much guarantee that you will make mistakes the first few times but each consecutive time will be better than the last. Before you know it, you will look around and find yourself at the mountain's top and you will ask yourself "What was I ever scared of in the first place?"
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    Hey Matt!

    The best thing to do (I believe) is to just take action. I think initially you may have doubts (fear) b/c you aren't sure that what you are doing will work, but once you see that what you are doing does work you will want to amplify whatever is working for you. anwser your question to remove the doubt TAKE ACTION...soon you will have too much on your plate to fear anything. Once you get that frist online $1 (or $100, or $1,000) and have a 'system' in place to see what is working for'll want to do more of what's working! And again, more work= less time to fear any online success! Just start. Stick to what works and weed out what doesn't. Keep going and there is NO way you can fail (unless you plain quit).

    You wanna suppliment your loss of income...the 'net (in my opinion) is the BEST place to do it! Take advantage of everything you have in front of you.

    Hope that helps,
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    Some very good advice in this thread for everyone.

    IMO, the reason why most people never go for it, or start and then don't follow through, is that they have preconceived notions of failure. In other words, if they set out to make money, try something and then don't make a dime, they think they failed.

    Simply not true.

    Here's an example:

    Let's assume for a moment that I know very little about doing the CPA/PPC thing, but wanted to jump into it because I see tons of people pulling down 5 figures in profit a month from it. So I immerse myself into their communities, get to know some of the players in the industry, read up on every scrap of info I can beg, borrow or steal about it. I try my hand at building landing pages, writing landing page copy, signing up for affiliate networks, getting to know the best deals and which ones convert the best. I assemble a keywords list for PPC, etc., etc,... Heck, I even go to an affiliate conference for good measure.

    Now, my first campaign that I run, I throw away $1500 and don't make a single sale. Zilch, nada...

    Am I now a failure at CPA/PPC marketing?

    Should I give up now and move on to something else?

    The answer to both those questions is - Hell NO!


    I've built relationships with people in their communities, I've gotten to know some of the players in the industry, educated myself on the industry, learned the basics of building landing pages, writing landing page copy, I'm a member of several affiliate networks, gotten to know the best deals and which ones convert the best. I have keywords lists, etc., etc,... Heck, I even went to an affiliate conference for good measure.

    I'd have to be a complete idiot to throw all that away and start over at something new, because the only way to truly *fail* is if I quit now!

    Remember this - You only fail at something when you quit.

    ~ Eddy Cole is a 25 year veteran and leading pioneer in providing innovative, highly scalable solutions to internet companies wishing to make great strides in developing ultra-effective business models that will be instrumental in their revenue generating endeavors... kthxbai.
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    Hi Matt:

    First hope the week went well!

    Having trepidation is normal. The best way to get through the issue of doubt would be to do this before anything. Sit down an find a budget that you could work with that would not hurt your family if it didn't turn a profit. I am using a simple number for an example.

    If the amount of income that you could lose and not feel that you wasted the rent money or car payment is 100.00 research to see if you could purchase 1 or 2 programs that have a track record that gets thumbs up from Warriors.

    Once you have the package(s) give it some time to see if it is working for you. If so can you now afford to put some additional revenue into the system?

    All through the time keep reading Warrior posts and articles on the internet.

    The risk vs reward will be advantageous. If you lost the 100.00 it isn't as if you can't make the mortgage next month. The positive is a new learning experience.

    Tell yourself from the start you will make money and each day will be great!

    Good luck.

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    What is it that you doubt specifically? Your ability? Other people's methods? what?

    We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork.
    ~ Milton Friedman

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