Hi newbie, your vocabulary SUCKS!

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We were newbies once, and we had the same vocabulary problem.

"get rich quick"


"1 secret you need to know..."

Okay, the list goes on and on with some permutation of the above.

You need to ELIMINATE these sorts of words/phrases from your vocabulary.

When starting out, you can't help but get sucked into these headlines and crazy promises. Its nothing to do with these marketers, it has everything to do with our lazy mentality.

As human beings, its our natural instinct to do things the easiest, fastest, low-cost way possible. Its a survival instinct. However, the very nature of how the world works... of how business works, or just simple getting rich (even online), goes against this very instinct.

Prepare for the long haul newbies, expect up to a year before achieving real success.

Stop getting sucked into stories of people who barely started in internet marketing and made thousands of dollars online. These are very rare and has a lot to do with luck. You only do yourself harm by getting caught up into this, because when you don't get your $124,000 in 7 days, you'll think you're doing something wrong. You'll think it doesn't work. You'll get frustrated and quit. Set your expectations low. Work on a single process to making even $10 a day and I promise you will start tasting success.

Here's the real story. Most successful marketers made zero money for a long time. And unless you have good connections you will struggle in the beginning. You will create websites that SUCK. You will create website that FAIL. You will spend more money than you make.

But if you persist and keep at it... somehow... someday... EVENTUALLY, you will make money. You will make A LOT of it. You just have to have guts to put up with a lot of crap and fail to get there, but you'll get there.

Just my 2 cents.
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    Ha, I wasn't talking specifically about actual grammar, but I suppose that's important as weell.. oops
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    I find the ops post amusing considering his signature link But I do somewhat agree, making money online typically does take time, until you're established, expecting big money to roll in over night isn't realistic. It's possible, but shouldn't be expected.
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! And besides, who wants to have a 'Get Rich Quick' story anyway when the ones about overcoming adversity and challenges are so much more inspiring!

    "Do, or do not. There is no try."
    The Wisdom of Yoda
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    Creating a buddy style of content is really important. In email marketing or blogging, it is like building relationship with your visitors or readers. They only will continue visit your blog or read your email if your content is good and make them feel like they are close to you. This is the only way to survive long term in Internet marketing.
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    Thanks for this post. What you share is exactly what most of us went through. Some times I still look back at the websites I created on free webhosts think by the time I wake up I will have made a fortune.

    I had to spend way too much money and still didnt make any thing. I remember the day I blew $700 in adword in a single day and I made no single sale. (No single sale) I was devastated and almost gave up. But thank God, I kept on.

    When success comes all of a sudden, you wonder where it has been hiding all along because it tends to come in over drive. When it comes, you can make all the money you lost as a newbie in one month.

    But you have to first fail before you reach there (Unless you are the lucky type who starts on the right note). So do not give up, but keep your wallet zip as tight as possible.

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