How much is the PR of your site? Does that matter?

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I was in a debate where was talking with a friend of mine on this. He said that you have to have a strong PR to climb up the ranking in Search Engine. However, I gave him some strong examples where I have seen sites with less PR on the first page of Google and having a stable ranking.

So just wanted to know if you own a website , how much is the PR of your site and are you conscious about it. Are you trying to increase its PR ?

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    I really don't think it's that big a deal really...

    There are thousands of examples of pages with low PR doing really well, but on the flipside.. I'm not saying it is worthless...

    I just know that you don't have to wait for good PR in order to start climbing and holding position...

    I would never dismiss the power of PR completely... I just think there are plenty of situations when you shouldn't worry about it...



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      p.s. I have site's ranging from 0 - 6 PR.. It's not something I really try to improve.. it happens naturally with natural looking SEO and backlinks


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        It doesn't really influence your ranking at the search engines. In my opinion, PR is only important (or plays a role at least), if you want to sell your website.
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          PR does NOT affect whether you get first in google for your chosen keywords or not.

          I am living proof of this.

          One of my previous site, when I tested it for an online game, came first for my keywords in google and that was when it had a PR3. It still only has a PR2 now and I left it long ago, not done anything with it since. There is no more game on it, but... for the keywords it is 9th and on the first page of google. Still very proud of it.

          Besides, since there is still gets traffic and it's PR2 for absolutely nothing on the site besides a membership script- no information or anything.
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            I don't really think that PR is a major contributing factor for your sites position in the search engine, although I wouldn't say that PR is completely useless.

            I don't really pay much attention the PR of my sites. I'd rather pay more attention to the traffic they are getting
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              PageRank is very much at the heart of the ranking algorithm. The PR of the pages linking to you (including your own), that is.

              The first step doesn't involve it at all. All pages which contain the keywords searched, or those keywords are used in links to the page, are found in the index.

              Then they're scored based on how many times the words occur in the page, where they occur (title and heading versus just normal text, etc), and in what proximity the keywords appear to eachother.

              Then the scores are increased by the number of links pointing to them with one or more of the search keywords, weighted by the PageRank of the linking page. That means your pages that link in to the matching page too! This is where your own PR benefits you, although patents from as far as 4 years ago show there is a weighting applied to whether the links are from the same site or even same IP range as the matching page (in other words, links from yourself are worth less than outside links).

              Then lots of other little factors add to the scores, like freshness of the content...

              Finally the results are returned in order by the scores they've been given by all the factors in the ranking algorithm.

              This is a simplistic version, but to say PR doesn't count at all is just not right... without counting links, weighted by something (PR), we'd be back in the days of AltaVista when search results sucked.

              Go hit up the patent search at USPTO and start reading Google's applications from the last 5 years. Links are mentioned in nearly every single one of them relating to search. And they acknowledge the importance of link popularity on their blog all the time, although mostly in passing as they talk about filtering out attempts to manipulate your incoming links (like buying them, spamming blogs, autosubmitting to directories aka link farms)...


              As far as what this means practically... yes PageRank matters, but not really that little icon in the toolbar. Google's spent years, tens of millions of dollars and the top brains in the world making sure they can figure out what links matter and what don't, so that their link-based search engine still works even when everyone's trying to game them. Long term natural link building is what you need for great, stable search positions that'll bring you traffic for years... placed because another site owner genuinely thinks your site is useful to their visitors, placed with their own text (not the same text you submitted to 100 sites), placed within their own content.

              And links directly to your content help those pages rank well better than links to your homepage, since the PR gain is indirect... the interior pages only get a fraction of the PR coming in to your home page since it's spread amongst all the links on the page. If someone links directly, it benefits that page during ranking directly.
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            First the PR you see on the little Google Tool Bar only moves when Google wants it too it is always behind.

            Google has mentioned this is going away as a means of metrics, just take a look around you will see more grey in that toolbar than ever and the sites are doing well in the rankings.

            I rank sites and teach people all the time how to do this in less than 10 weeks for top keywords and the sites still have a grey Google PR, so I am living prove this is all bull.

            Personally I wish it would disappear and all this gaming Google for linking to sites with high PR would go away.

            Google has always said do what is natural and living by a little Green stripe in the tool bar is not natural anymore in Googls eyes.

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