Any advice for buying and selling on ebay?

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i realized that maybe making websites isnt for me right now since i have NO CLUE what iam doing so i was wondering if anybody knows liquidation sites, or just products you can make by yourself to sell on ebay....or if you know any prior knowledge or ebooks/other forums and or videos thank you very much
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    For eBay,you can look under the recent transactions ato see what is popular within a category. For instance, if you look under the books column, you can see what recently sold and see if there is a pattern for a particular genre of books that are popular on ebay. same works for cars, houses etc.

    Websites you can check out for small bulk whole sale items to resell include

    i would also check out this book. 201 things to buy and sell for big profits. My bible when it comes to trading online.

    Another strategy I have tried includes looking for the sellers for an item, see if i can buy at a cheaper rate for bulk purchases on eBay.
    Resell as seperate item on eBay.Hope this helps

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    eBay is very competitive market. If you want to make some extra cash, the stuff in your garage will be fine.

    If you serious about making money, I would say find specific products to sell, you will need to search a lot on eBay as well as in china whole sales sites. Be aware there are many regulation and fees will be involved (You will be importing from China). It is your responsibility to make sure whatever sent to you is legal (don't take their word for granted specially with someone you don't know). You also need to get a sample first (buy one or two before you import something).

    You need a big budget, few thousands, in order to bring enough quantity that will make you a decent money, simply because the other top rated sellers probably are importing huge quantity and can afford selling it cheaper than you.

    Take your time and don't hurry up on making decisions.

    hope that helped
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    Here's a few tips:

    #1. The HIGHER the product sale, the MORE they take
    out in eBay fee's.

    If you sell higher ticket items you're more likely to make
    LESS profit in the end compared to a lower ticket item.

    #2. Everyone and their mother are looking for liquidation
    sites. And, do you know what happens when they find

    They get *burned*.

    If you think you're going to find a source that hasn't al-
    ready been taped into by other people *just like you*...

    it's delusional thinking.

    Your best bet is to find a private source or connection
    you TRUST and run from there. This means networking
    to source GOOD to GREAT product for below wholesale

    In other words...

    if you can find it on the internet, chances are they're
    selling the same source to you to multiple people.

    Good for them. Bad for you.

    #3. There are easier ways to make money if you think
    outside the box a bit.

    eBay would seem like the obvious choice because of all
    the stories of yesteryear. Those days are, for the most
    part, long gone.

    In the 90's and early 2000's eBay was a fair marketplace.
    They weren't too greedy in their fee's and they worked to
    keep their sellers AND buyers happy.

    Now the game is skewered towards BUYERS and, as is
    the case when greed comes into effect, they raised their
    fee's well beyond what most small businesses can afford.

    ...effectively destroying the community they once had.

    It was simpler back it's more complicated and
    even new sellers (such as yourself) will have an uphill
    battle to get started because they WILL hold the sales
    you earned for several weeks before releasing funds.

    In other words...

    it's much more complicated than it needed to be and
    you'd be better off in other ventures.

    But, if you insist on going the eBay route...good luck to
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      Hi Millions,

      I've helped more than 300,000 people learn how to make money on eBay and, as far as liquidation sites, I've had some students do well with and with liquidation and drop shipping, but as with anything that is easy to find, it will also be filled with competition...

      ...and competition will kill your profits on eBay.

      I believe the BEST way to make money on eBay is to creatively source high-demand products that do NOT have much competition on eBay.

      One of those types of products is collectibles.

      When I first started selling vintage toys on eBay, back in 1999, I was already good at sourcing them by simply running ads in local "freebie" classified ad papers.

      I still, to this day, sell collectibles on eBay and do very well.

      The key is to ONLY sell high-demand items and creatively source them - running free / cheap ads is a great way to start.

      Since then, I've developed more advanced ways to source high-demand items, of course, but before that, I ran a full-time six-figure eBay business with JUST the ads I was running in local freebie papers.

      Now, of course, there's also Craigslist, which offers more opportunities to expand your reach and there are some really creative ways to use CL, too.

      Hope this helps!

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    My suggestion is don't do it.

    Ebay has put all the power in the favor of the buyer. I had to return a $250 item with tracking because the buyer didn't receive it. Long story, but I have been burned WAY to many times by Ebay, and most of Paypal.

    I now avoid both at all costs. Good luck
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    • Profile picture of the author bobpaulson2132 offers information on wholesale suppliers and such, but you'd still have to do your homework. is a site that allows you to research the eBay marketplace, not sure if they offer a free trial or not.

      You could also try your local thrift stores, Goodwill, auctions, yard sales, Craigslist, etc. to source products. Having a smart phone with internet access would be a big help with this. You could check prices of completed listings immediately, deciding if there's enough room for profit for you to buy a particular item. It seems there should always be room for smaller sellers on eBay for used items.

      As far as selling, I would use a "no returns accepted" policy, at least for used items. Take too many pictures rather than not enough. There are tutorials on how to take decent pictures online. Quickly answer any questions from potential buyers and post the question/answer in the item description.

      When I was selling, I print my shipping label right through PayPal. Do that if you are using USPS anyway, not sure if you can do it with UPS or FedEx. Get tracking on each package that you send. Delivery confirmation wouldn't be a bad option either, at least for more valuable items.

      Seems like it may be tough to do, but you could also try "eBay arbitrage", where you buy something off of eBay and then resell it there (or possibly Amazon) for a profit. Some sellers do not include important keywords in the title, give a poor description, poor pictures (or none at all), etc. All this stuff can scare potential buyers away, decreasing the competition and probably the final price.

      You could possibly buy the items and make a much better listing, and possibly profit.

      Sellers may misspell the main keywords in the title as well, meaning most potential buyers will never find them. You could try a misspelling search using a site like to hopefully find some of these items and possibly get some good deals.

      You could also use a site like to set up saved eBay searches. You'd get an e-mail whenever a matching item is newly listed. Especially good for "Buy It Now"s that are priced right. You could set up your saved searches and then from there all you would be doing would be checking e-mails when you get them sent to you and looking at the items, so there should not be a whole lot of time involved in setting up your "system". You'd have the jump on other potential buyers.

      Or, if you find some listed an auction format, use a sniping service such as to place your bid for you. It'll bid in the last few seconds, helping you to save money and avoid shill bidding.

      Or, rather than selling a physical product, maybe try offering a service on eBay. Maybe writing articles, creating graphics, whatever it is that you would be good enough at to charge for.

      As far as selling, use the website tools I mentioned above to save yourself some money, and some time.
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    I would look at selling PLR and resell rights digital items and rebranding them with affiliate links - or put an extra cd in there when you ship with a free ebook in exchange for an opt in.

    You can actually build quite a targeted list this way and it is a very reliable way to gauge peoples interests so you can sell higher ticket items to them at a later date

    I have tried this in the past and it has worked well even though you have to ship out the digital items on CD which can be a pain at times!

    But much easier to ship out than bulkier items though !

    hope this helps

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    first make a research on products you consider selling to get an idea the price they are selling for , ebay can give you reports, or you can search under completed sales for the products, there are sites like the with lists of wholesalers and dropshippers ( they can send a product you sold directly to the customer, so you do not have to have a stockroom, or to buy beforehand, you just sell the product, get the money, and then buy it from dropshippers, who can send it directly to your customer, without giving any of their own info..) this is a good idea if you want to test a market...
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      Dropship, make some money, invest in wholesale. Hey presto business in a box
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    My sugestion, is eBay is fantastic! Simply sell a product that you have a passion for.
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      I like what someone else said and that is to sell in-demand items. Also, think about selling vintage stuff (I may be doing this soon). Most of the stuff I've sold on there has been my own stuff and stuff I bought on Amazon. If you're thinking about selling something on there, the best tip I have is to do an advanced search for the item in question and check the "completed listings" box to see what the item is actually selling for.

      Another option is to sell other people's stuff on ebay and take a commission. Check out sales online. Sometimes you can find good enough deals so you can profit from reselling the merchandise.
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      • #2. Everyone and their mother are looking for liquidation
        sites. And, do you know what happens when they find

        They get *burned*.

        If you think you're going to find a source that hasn't al-
        ready been tapped into by other people *just like you*...

        it's delusional thinking.

        Your best bet is to find a private source or connection
        you TRUST and run from there. This means networking
        to source GOOD to GREAT product for below wholesale

        In other words...

        if you can find it on the internet, chances are they're
        selling the same source to you to multiple people.

        Good for them. Bad for you.

        Wise words. Heed them well, especially the part in bold letters.

        I had a very good eBay business for 10 years selling Macy's jewelry returns and an exclusive contract. But I had to work to get that. I didn't post a question on a message board. Nobody said, "Oh, by the way, you can get sterling silver jewelry liquidated from Macy's and here's the guy's phone number, good luck!" And I didn't get that connection by buying somebody's system or WSO.

        (In case you're wondering, don't buy Macy's jewelry salvage because they source it all from China now and most of it is fake. That's why I got out of the business. The Chinese even fake Italian silver chains, right down to the "Made in Italy" stamp.)

        If you want to do this, you'll have to work for it. Nobody's going to hand it to you. Find an angle and exploit it.

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    Liquidation sites I used:

    You can find more if you search with Google.

    Now use Alibaba only and source product from China. You can find a lot of replacement parts for many hot products right now.

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