PayPal Phishing Alert

by gb4biz
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Dear Warriors, This is a first time post. But I thought it was important enough to get the message out in someway. I'm just starting my blog,etc so I don't have any traffic yet to warn readers. Over the last two days I have received legitimate looking e-mails from a address which was a redirect sending me to a bogus site.

For some reason, I felt it wasn't quite right so I contacted PayPal through their spoof@PayPal support desk and sure enough it was a scam which they are working on. Now as I said earlier I am still doing a trial and error with my blog, but if you want to see the exact e-mail you can check it out at my blog:Whoops, I'm new, so I couldn't provide the actual link, Sorry!

Hope this helps everyone to stay alert... :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the alert. There have been a few mentioning that there are paypal phishing emails being circulated. Always helps to stay on top of it & warn others....warriors need to be aware of this.

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      thanks for the alert. I got the same e-mail but my scam-o-meter went wild. Every now and then the same one comes through.

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    I have also been the recipient of some spoofed PayPal messages, as the OP stated they do look legitimate. It's been going on since last summer.

    Thank you for the helpful post and welcome to the Forum!

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    Ya, no kidding, those Paypal scams have been going on, seems like forever. They sure do look legit, can see how people can scammed.
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    Never click on a link in an email. Always go directly to the site from your browser typing in the name of the url in the address bar if you do not have it bookmarked. If there is a legitimate problem, it will show up in your account information and if it does not ... well ...

    These scams are easily avoided for the most part just by not clicking the links that are provided. It is much more difficult for them to re-route direct traffic to a web site ... especially one that is going to notice any sudden decrease in traffic.

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      The quick way to tell ( I have received several of these spoofs)

      If the very frist line of the email reads Dear valued custome or something slong that line IT IS A SPOOF. I contacted Paypal and they assured me they always start there letters Dear "Your Name" if it isn't addressed to YOU it a fraud!
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    Thanks for the heads up!
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    thanks for the alert...
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    Yeah i got the same too, i contacted paypal and they look out for the URLs to make it's the correct site.
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