what was the hardest?

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being a internet business owner, what do you feel is the hardest thing you had to overcome?
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    In the beginning it was sorting out the real information from all the hype and BS.
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    Getting a bookkeeping and accounting system in place that both my CPA and I can live with.
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    Time management and staying focused.

    I get very easily distracted and can find myself keep checking email and Facebook etc :rolleyes:
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    Getting over my fear of failure and being willing to take risks.
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  • The hardest thing for me was to get over the shiny object syndrome and focus on one particular method until I made it work. I suffered from information overload and wasted a lot of time.
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    Going from relying on frontend sales to make me wealthy, instead of focusing on backend income. Also... going from relying on paid traffic instead of implementing free marketing also.

    Lots of advertising is fine, but if you don't have a backend marketing strategy of how you're going to make more money the customers you get... you're going go be dead in the water.
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    Easily, trying to do everything myself vs outsourcing.

    I think most new IM'ers try to be a "jack of all trades, master of none". Usually due to the money involved in outsourcing, but I finally accepted that I will be 10x more productive (and cut down on time investment) just outsourcing certain tasks.

    Focus on what you're good at, outsource the rest!
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    Well for me it is all of the above. Cheers

    Quality funnels & solo traffic

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    All of the above and to believe that I can do it too.
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    Finding products people in my niche want to buy. I started learning internet marketing 1 year ago because I want to be free to travel the world not stuck in a truck the rest of my life. Even though I can earn way more driving a truck $100,000 or more every year. When I started I did not even know how to set up a yahoo email account. One year later I'm growing, and Improving every day.

    I'm still having trouble converting my products. I thought truckers would love to buy C.B Radios and GPS units. Maybe it's truckers who just don't spend a lot of money online. I know before I started my adventure into the online world I would not spend 1 dime online when I could walk into a Truck Stop and buy the same product.

    So the marketing aspect I guess for me is my hurdle to overcome. But with time, and perseverance It will pay off. Plus all the valuable free information on this forum. The best investment you will ever make is becoming a war room member.
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    time management..... it's still not easy to do

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    For me, it was staying focused and quickly applying as I'm learning.

    I always set my time to 20% studying and 80% practicing.

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