How do you use PLR? Have you ever successfully resold it?

by anthm
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I have seen a few PLR products in the WSO that are interesting, my idea was to use the content as information that I could repurpose, for example I could recompile it into articles for the site, or make videos out of the content, but I am wondering how most people use it. I didn't think it was a good idea to just put my name on it and try to resell it, but I am not very experienced yet so I am curious.
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    A PLR articles pack, in my opinion, gives you a ready made foundation. You have to build on it through your own knowledge or experience you have on the PLR topic or your research on the same. For instance, you may want to add statistics from authentic sources that give more credibility to, say some statements in the articles.

    Definitely you have to re-write the content not only to add more value to it, but also to please the search engines. Be sure to check what you can and cannot do with a PLR product before you re-purpose it.
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    Some people buy cheap - but good quality - plr articles from me and have them totally rewritten then post them on their website or blog as content. Others make up a report out of them and offer them as a freebie to people who register with their website, hence they build a list with them.

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    Another good thing is to use Michael Sylvesters WSO video from text tool and put all these plr articles on YouTube Go see his offer:-

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    You can use PLR to create a totally new product. For example you can choose a niche and get some PLR ebooks in that niche for you to use as your seed product.

    Mke sure that you put some effort to read those ebooks to understand the contents of the ebooks. After that, what you can do is to mix and match paragraphs from these ebooks and make sure that they flow nicely to be a new product.

    Once you have done these, it's time to rewrite some or most of the sentences so that it will be completely new for your readers.

    Once the ebook is done, you have to get a new ecover and sales letter graphics for your new product and don't forget to rename your new product/ebook.

    By now your PLR products have been revamped into a totally new product that you can sell at Clickbank.

    Don't forget to also create an affiliate page so that potential affiliates will be attracted to promote your new product fro you to make even more sales for your business.

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    I didn't sell PLR, but I use them a lot fo contect creation ideas and for giveaways.
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    I stopped trying to make money out of PLR. I've tried different models (sell as product, use it for list building, as website content, web2.0 properties, etc).
    The content is usually way to generic.
    When I sold it as product, I had inacceptably high refund rates and it took a lot of effort to make sales in the first place.
    Not saying its not possible but for me promoting quality products as an affiliate has been much more lucrative than PLR.
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    I always edit and re-write PLR stuff. You just dont know how many other people have it. Its very good as a base, but in my opinion should only be that. That said, they can be great little incentives for opt-ins etc.....
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    Just a warning: be sure to read the license on the PLR before you sell it. Normally you can sell it as long as you don't pass on private label rights.

    I rewrite it, sometimes I use it as is, I love to use the information to make videos...

    If you buy PLR ebooks you can usually pull part of it out as an article and it will pass copyscape! I that quite often if I need quick content.
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      Originally Posted by AmandaT View Post

      If you buy PLR ebooks you can usually pull part of it out as an article and it will pass copyscape! I that quite often if I need quick content.
      I do it exactly the same way. It works great!
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    Aside from creating a whole new product, like Qamar said, you can create expanded product packages using different PLR - so long as you're working with something of very high quality from the start.

    I've purchased complete PLR ebook packages with giveaway reports and emails that were extremely professional. All you need to do is reformat a bit, add examples and tip boxes, new graphics, things like that. Certainly a new title.

    Then, you can add bonuses to really expand the value. For example, I saw one instance where a very successful marketer took a complete package of PLR reports and created video and audio versions of them as bonuses. I think she added some other bonuses as well. Naturally, she changed the graphics and title. The whole package was extremely successful and made her a lot of money.

    Another terrific way to use PLR to make money is to add it to membership sites. I wouldn't use it for all your content, but it can provide excellent resources for members. For example, there are PLR tutorials on different internet marketing topics that don't need much editing.

    As I said, the key is buying something that could stand on its own in terms of quality so that you can spend your time enhancing it rather than fixing it.

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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      PLR is great for re-purposing. One of my favorite ways is to use articles in an email series. I always rewrite it to give it a different spin, but it's perfect for this use.
      I've also been using it on slideshare trying to get another source of traffic.
      There are plenty of uses for good quality PLR

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        Originally Posted by Ted_B View Post

        PLR is great for re-purposing...There are plenty of uses for good quality PLR
        You're right, of course, Ted. The problem often is that a lot of PLR content isn't 'good quality'. Finding the really useful, well written, usable (or re-purposable, for want of a better word) PLR content isn't always that easy. For me, that's why it's best to get PLR content from someone who is curating and offering out the best content they have found.

        Basically, let someone else do the hard work in finding 'quality'!
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