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I recently launched a new web site and submitted it to the Search engines, but haven't received the first visitor. Is there something I'm missing here?"
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    It takes time to be indexed in the search engines.
    From your post I can't tell which search engines you have submitted to.
    Can you just type the names of the search engines so I may better help you?
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    If you want almost instant traffic, write some articles and submit them to Ezinearticles.

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    Hi Alyssa1,

    Sometimes getting traffic is one of the harder parts of online marketing.

    To give yourself a good headstart, do what Alex Taylor says and submit some articles.

    Just write a few useful articles in your niche, submit them to ezinearticles with a link to your site, and you should start to get some visitors.

    If you have access to the war room, I have a free report you can download in there about getting traffic from articles like this.

    Hope that helps

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    Do what you can to get some links to your website.
    Chris Clements, Founder & CEO, YeeZ Mobile Inc.

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  • For the first few months, don't rely on traffic from the search engines. It will take some time and a lot of effort to win the top spots that can generate significant traffic.

    Concentrate on ways on how to "steal" traffic from higher ranking sites, instead.

    1. Answer relevant "open questions" at Yahoo Answers, and mention your URL as source.

    2. Submit articles relevant to the subject of your website to prominently ranked directories like eZineArticles.com.

    3. Comment on popular blogs that cater to the same subject matter as your website. Make valid comments and leave your URL.

    4. Create videos, even simple ones, about the subject of your website. Put your URL as watermark. Mention your URL on the description box. Include the targeted keywords on the same description box. Upload the video over at YouTube.

    These are simple techniques that won't require much from you. They will be able to provide for you the traffic that you need until such time when search engines can provide you with sustained traffic. And they will also help you build back links to aid in improving your site's page rank and search engine position.

    Good luck!
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    Make sure you keep your site updated with contents...
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