What is Happening to My Post Count!!?

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My post count has dropped from 99 to 96 over the course of like two days. How is that possible?

Normally this wouldn't bother me, except I had a whole thing planned out for my other thread that hit over 100 replies and I was going to make 100th post in that thread. I'll probably still do it but now I have to go make three more posts to get there. This also makes me beg the question. You know the 500th post or 1000th post WSO sales you see. If this is what happens to your post count, can we do like three or four of those? If so that's money in the bank baby. Maybe I could do a WSO on how to do multiple 500th post WSOs.

And as I go over to hit the "Submit New Thread" button it occurs to me that I have now started a second completely meaningless thread and I should really be taken out and shot. Whatever. Sooner or later I'll post something meaningful, but until then at least everyone seems to be entertained.
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