What motivates you in IM?

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Is it that big $1,000,000 pay day?

or is it financial freedom, passive income, 4 hr work week?

OR is it something a lot simpler, extra cash to pay the bills?
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    To look after my family and try to give them a comfortable life.
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    All of the above.

    Getting rich gets 'the extra cash' and the freedom so that's what I picked. lol
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      Originally Posted by Seatbelt99 View Post

      All of the above.

      Getting rich gets 'the extra cash' and the freedom so that's what I picked. lol
      Lol, but what if you could only PICK ONE?
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    It's definitely not the 4 hour work week (I'm not sure that's not a bunch of hype ). For me it's about having control, not having to worry about losing a job, or having a demanding/rude/mentally ill boss (been there, done that), and feeling good about what I'm doing.

    I'll won't complain if I have that $1M pay day, though!

    Liz Bradshaw

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    My motivation comes from the fact that I am my own boss and make a good living at it. I work more than 4 hours a week and I enjoy every minute of it. I can work basically anywhere that I can get an Internet connection. That type of freedom is priceless!
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    Just a way to replace the Income I was earning By being somewhere at the appointed time each day.

    After working in a commission heavy Industry (Carsales) the ability to write ones own check depending on effort put in and adhering to the plan is also great.

    Why would you let someone else decide what an hour of your times worth?
    When you can access commission the decision becomes YOURS!

    Take Care

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    what makes you move?

    I know, i make a list of goals to complete within a time line.
    this is what works for me.
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    All of the above. I want to have financial freedom as well as spending my time on things I would like to do.
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    The fact that you didn't include women, especially with your avatar being what it is, should be considered a serious oversight. That's why I'm in the game.
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    FREEEEDOMMM!!! (passive income, 4HR Workweek)
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    I'm not voting in because I can't find the 4th radio button, which says 'All of the above.'
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    All this ,if you perfectly do that.Just you need talent,patience and a little invest for you..If you are successful ,then you will get everything.
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    Yes.. definitely the Freedom. Not having to report to a place away from your own house, and make better money at the same time. Having fun making your own income in your own company is also a big one, it's the rewarding feeling you get which uplifts your spirit very high.

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    Freedom for me.

    Being able to work from any location in the world... and make great money while doing it!

    - Trevor


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    All of the above.

    If I have to chose one, the bills have to get paid.
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    Originally Posted by asiancasanova View Post

    Is it that big $1,000,000 pay day?

    or is it financial freedom, passive income, 4 hr work week?

    OR is it something a lot simpler, extra cash to pay the bills?
    Saving my house. That's what motivates me in IM. Thank you.
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      What I see is sort of different types of people.

      You have those that just want to survive, as a way to get out of a hole.

      Then you have those that are looking to it to live a better lifestyle. They hat their previous job, or just want to get rich.

      It comes down to

      Survival vs. Lifestyle

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        Money and Ego.

        The money part is easy. If you can solve your problems by writing a check, they aren't problems - they're expenses. (Thanks, Harvey Mackay) If you can't cover the check? That's a problem.

        Ego is a big one. Not so much in the "look at me and be impressed" way, although that's not altogether absent. More in the way of "I made a difference - me, I did that. Someone has more money, or a better understanding of something, or more pleasure from something, because of what I did."
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    All of the above! Ha! What motivates me....being able to pay off all our school debt, save up for my kid's college funds, passive income, making enough so that my husband can get a job closer to where we live (the 1 1/2 hour commute each way is killer) or better yet, QUIT! I would also love to be able to contribute to my community and some charities. Lots to look forward to, I am on my way!
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    I want to earn money to be able to realize my biggest dream. I think that Internet Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to do it.
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  • For me it's freedom, but not as per your poll option "FREEEEDOMMM!!! (passive income, 4HR Workweek)". I don't believe in the 4HR Workweek mantra (I think it's BS), but I appreciate being able to travel, relocate or take a month-off whenever I please.
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    Both freedom and passive income !!!
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    Passive Income is a powerful thing!

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    I always remember that im the boss,music
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    I truly find it interesting and amazing how it's possible to make a full time income from home. That and I've always loved playing around with computers and technology.

    After discovering I can make money through a computer with an internet connection, I knew there was no turning back. I'm in it for life now.
    Entrepreneur and Mixed Martial Artist
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    Although the money is important (I won't deny it) the freedom to be location-independent is why I love internet marketing. I think I would develop a panic disorder if I ever had to go to work in a corporate office again!
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    I have 4 kids and my wife is a high school teacher. I like the fact that I can spend time with my family while they're out of school for the summer and the money keeps coming in whether I work or not.
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      To leave my 9 till 5
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    of course we all want to be rich, but my main motivation has to be my family! especially my children as they are what keep me going full stop!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    Option number 1. Get rich or die tryin.
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    I got to the point one day when I asked myself a question. "When am I going to stop relying on OTHER PEOPLE to create a job for me". I want to leverage technology to create an income large enough to provide for me and my family.. I have been learning this field for the past month and I have yet to make a dime, but I have faith that I can do it if i stick to it! Oh Yeah, pay-off student loans as well!
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    Information is a one of the most powerful money driving forces in this world. For example, last night I was sitting down and had a random thought, a thought that was too good to be true.

    I don't know why I never realized it before, but immediately went onto google to search. Then I found a thread on warrior forum proving what I thought to be true.

    I told myself, "WOW, you just learned ONE PIECE OF INFORMATION that has the potential to change your entire future". This is something I have NEVER seen talked about on here before. The one thread I found on WF through google (by knowing what to search for), people were yelling to stop bumping the thread just to keep the strategy a secret. Apparently it worked because the thread was never bumped again.

    This was a piece of information that was NOT handed to me on a silver platter. In fact, it was one of the most random trains of thought that led to me realizing it. Its a method of finding qualified keyword leads. I KNEW people were using more tricks then just the stupid software they keep promoting. So its stuff like this that really motivates me.

    I bought a domain last night that has a high search volume for the keywords, but almost noone is competing in the market except for 1 guy. I love the fact now that if I ever need more keyword ideas, I know precisely where to go to get that information.

    So its the information that both consumes me and motivates me. Even when it comes to leads, they are worth a lot of money, but what are leads? They're just information.

    Its one of the most valuable things in this world, if you can possess the right information, you become that much more valuable to the rest of the world.

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    Family and kids time first
    $$$ second
    Help others more --> simple reason is we stay in NJ pretty costly place to stay, if i can make as much from a place with lower cost of living can also help others rather than paying too much pty taxes :-)

    And also due to health commuting is becoming a big issue , hence have to kick the 9-5 very soon and focuing on going full time...
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      Originally Posted by sriram rajan View Post

      Help others more --> simple reason is we stay in NJ pretty costly place to stay, if i can make as much from a place with lower cost of living can also help others rather than paying too much pty taxes :-)

      I'm only getting off topic for a second but NJ property taxes are the WORST! Every single person I speak to in NJ is absolutely fed up with them.

      Hopefully governer christi will do something soon. But hang in there I know its rough to live here. ESPECIALLY if you own any type of business.. what a nightmare it is.
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    The ultimate goal is freedom, and it involves many things. Financial freedom, as well as work freedom. Being your own boss is kinda cool, working your own hours too, though you still need to make an input to get something out of this business.

    I am happy to not owe anything to anyone but myself. There are so many things to learn in the process and your are far from freedom when you are just starting out. However once you get organized and stick to something that works for you, you're getting results.

    And there are always new goals to achieve, and setting higher goals is a great motivation too, with your business evolution in mind. Like you're starting as an affiliate, and then build a list, then create your own product, and then sell high ticket services to clients...
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    I would say all of the above, but if I have to choose one then it would definitely be financial freedom
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    Freedom to work when I want.
    Since starting online in 1998, being able to raise my 3 kids as a single mom, and be there whenever they needed me.
    No boss to answer to..
    No limit on earnings.
    The ability to take my business with me when I take an extended vacation.
    Creative outlet for writing, and you make money from it..
    Never having to rely on anyone else again.
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    Being able to get up, grab a cup of coffee, take my dogs for a walk in the park, come home and walk upstairs to my office over the garage.
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    I think the freedom to do what ever I like when I want to do it is the drive behind my IM interest
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    FREEDOM to do what I want when I want without bwing restricted by time or money.

    [...please ONLY click if you want to get rich, get in shape, have the sex life of your dreams and stop being a loser]
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    For me It's that feeling I get just knowing I have the freedom to do and be where I want to be.

    Take a break at what ever time I want for as long as I want and work from any where I want.

    I almost always work from home but the biggest motivator for me was just control I guess is the word I'm looking for...

    There's this feeling I always use to get when I knew I had to be somewhere and do certain things at a certain time...

    I absolutely HATED it.

    That was the biggest motivation for me!

    At this age, I'm not ready to take breaks..lol I absolutely love what I do.
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