Does PayPal allow separate confirmation pages?

by Heath Sanchez 1 replies
Hey guys,

Just setting up a sales page for my brother.

We are using PayPal as the payment processor. He has 4 separate products. They are software tutorials so he has Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and a Bundle containing all three.

The problem I'm having is setting up a different redirection page for each product. It seems like PayPal allows only one master redirect URL, am I wrong on this?

The reason I want separate pages is because I'd like users to opt in the separate lists based on which tutorial they purchased. This is so they move from the original list (a list of people who signed up for a free sample of the tutorials) and into their specific product list so that I can taylor up-sells/cross-sells down the line, and stop sending promotional emails to them if they have already bought.

Can anyone help me with this?
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